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A concierge education is one that focuses on the individual student to provide a learning experience customized to meet their unique needs, interests, and schedule. It is an alternative approach to learning, in which the student gets the necessary support needed to succeed before, during, and after their studies. Benefits of concierge education include:

  • Improved student-instructor communication
  • Improved student-to-student communication
  • The elimination of certain distractions and stressors

Essentially, concierge education is a recently popular higher education model that allows students to study at their own pace.

Concierge Education 101

Concierge education is a system similar to the traditional classrooms models but with significant differences. The student has zero distractions, such as socializing or technology.

It is an education model where students are working one-on-one with an adviser or concierge, helping them to solve their issues, and understand the subject matter.

Better Grades

We all want our kids to be doing better in school. However, sometimes they get into a slump and the work seems too difficult and results may not look so great. Even when we seek help from teachers and other students in peer groups, we do not get the best results.

If your child is in high school or preparing to enter high school or college, and you are thinking of options to help him or she get better grades you may consider it. For example, concierge education would help if your child is working at a B+, C+ range and you know he or she has the ability to improve.

Enhanced Social Life

Concierge education is an innovative system of scheduling classes with the goals of customization and flexibility. Flexible scheduling of locations and class times means each student has important input when planning their individual schedule, which can include time with friends.

Better Careers

The concierge educational model is based on the belief that each student is unique. Highly qualified teachers who are experts in their disciplines work closely with students to ensure that their educational experience has the maximum possible impact, which leads to higher GPAs and better career prospects later in life.

Concierge Education Is Increasing In Popularity

More and more students are opting for this kind of personalized education experience. These students no longer want to rely on traditional, lecture-based classroom-learning styles.

Instead, they value the individual attention they receive from private instructors and enjoy the many benefits of a concierge education.

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