Ex-Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka founded AI startup Vian Systems raises ₹350 crores

Vian Systems
Credits - Business Insider

Palo Alto-based technology and Artificial Intelligence startup Vian Systems has raised ₹350 crores from two unknown investors, according to the documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Founded by Vishal Sikka, former Vice Chairman, CEO and MD of Infosys, the startup is operating in stealth mode in San Francisco Bay Area.

According to a filing sourced by the Economic Times, Vian Systems diluted ₹350 crores in equity and the sale has been completed. The transaction includes the contribution of certain intellectual property assets, the company clarified in a statement. Vishal Sikka is receiving no excess compensation for the role beyond his usual salary as an employee of the corporation, says the filing.

The startup currently in stealth-mode has a one-page website which says “building a world full of intelligence and life”. The founder, Vishal Sikka, is a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University and an honorary doctorate of Engineering from Queensland University. Even in stealth mode, the startup has some revenues coming in, according to the form filed with the SEC.

Vishal Sikka is an Indian-American who resigned from Infosys in August 2017. There were multiple reasons reported for him quitting the company. One of them was his attempt of moving Infosys into Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Shares of Infosys cracked down by 6 percent after Vishal Sikka resigned as the managing director and chief executive officer of the company.


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