Freelancing was still on the inchoative stage till 2013, but a boom in the startup Eco-system pushed the industry to reinvent itself. With an expectation to grow up to $15 billion in the next 4 years, the industry has opened up doors for entrepreneurs to innovate.

Dipesh realized the scope in the industry and geared up a platform known us Truelancer, a freelance marketplace. The startup helps anyone find job and earn money in a growing & developing country like India which has hundreds of thousands of young educated professionals in need of more job opportunities.

With more than 300,000 skilled Freelance Professionals who are available to be hired as developers, designers, content writers, virtual assistants, growth hackers, social media experts etc, the startup has emerged as one of the fastest growing freelance marketplace in Asia.

Truelancer is built on the concept of Marketplace 2.0. It is more focused on creating better values rather than just focusing on transactions.  Rajshekhar is a Security Researcher and takes care of growth and marketing at Truelancer. Dipesh and Rajshekhar started working on building the platform in March, 2014.

The startup is founded by Dipesh Garg and Rajshekhar Rajharia who were friends from their college days at SBCET, Jaipur. Dipesh is a startup enthusiast and love experimenting with new things. Seeing the impact of innovations keeps the founders motivated.

When asked about family support, Dipesh replied to Startup Wonders saying “My family is supportive. My previous experiences of working with startups helped a lot in operating Truelancer, but many problems comes on the way, and I am ready to solve them.”

This never give up attitude is that one special quality every entrepreneur should possess. However, Dipesh faced some problems while getting payment gateway approved initially due to hefty Indian legal laws and processes.

Truelancer recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from USA based Blackstone Valley Group led by Raghu Vohra, Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, Kamal Bansal & other angel investors. The story of securing funds is quite interesting.

Dipesh, CEO at Truelancer says “I, along with my team sat down for a brainstorming session regarding the change in approach and strategy, and that was when Twitter came up. In the course of the next 24 hours, I sent some tweets to Investors whom I found on a list.

“One of the tweets I sent was to Raghu Vohra from a US-based investment firm – Blackstone Valley Group. He seemed pretty interested in our developments and told me to send him a direct message. Soon conversations began where me, Raghu and Aditya (our mentor) were heavily involved. And pitch presentations were shared and a couple of phone calls done.” he adds.

“Dipesh & Truelancer team impressed us by their diligent approach and process of building the Truelancer marketplace. Their hard work & ability to execute on growth/user/project metrics, has been phenomenal. I am happy to have lead their seed round and am excited to join their board” says Ragu Vohra, Founder of Black Stone Valley Group.

Currently, Truelancer servers more than 22,000 clients with more than 30,000 projects posted on the platform. Growth at the rate of 22-25% every month indicates the effective use of seed funds.

They are connected to Startup Tunnel, a startup accelerator. Startups here are invited to Economic Times Entrepreneurs Summit. They have recently been shortlisted for Top 100 Asia Technology companies.

The company is looking forward to expand team and build more innovative technologies in the platform. To attract big companies to hire freelancers, and create more jobs, the team is well set to effective models of marketing.

Celebrating the Global Startup Weekend, the company is giving away $50 Digital Ocean credits to startups and too providing INR 5000 cash into Truelancer wallet to be used by startups.


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