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Working while on holiday or travel is a great way to get that extra cash to enjoy your travel for more extended periods and meet potential friends and travel buddies while at it. You might also find that working while traveling helps you put some roots in each destination and learn new language and cultures, thus making more lasting memories. However, getting a backpacker’s job isn’t quite easy. Some nationalities might struggle while some might find it easy, especially those with work visas.

Below are the best backpacker jobs that may help you save money by trading your muscle and mind.

Hotel work

Hotels are the best places to look for backpacker jobs. Hotels require lots of casual workers who work on an hourly basis or weekly basis and need no primary academic qualifications or experience. If you know how to make a bed, make some real tasty scrambled eggs, then a hotel is an excellent source of cash for you. Big hotel chains always list casual or seasonal work on their career page, and thus you need to check the sites and look at recruitment notices to increase your chances of landing the job.

Working as a summer camp counselor

This is a good hustle, especially if you are good with children. The duty of a summer camp counselor varies from leading sports sessions and accompanying campers to hikes and walks to keeping an eye on the bullies or cleaning up after children. However, if you are no good with children, you can opt for behind the scene role such as kitchen work. Recruitment sites and fairs are the quickest way to get hired for these backpacker jobs in NZ.

Fruit picking

This is the most common job among working travelers. It has led to stiff competition from the local lower wage earners. So, you need to be smart and work better to land this kind of job. You have to do outdoor work in all weather and long hours. This can help you qualify for a second visa or finance other activities you do during the travel.


Construction work is the best place to head to when looking for developed world wages, and realistically obtained cash and work visas. Construction work offers essential skills work visa in most countries such as Australia and New Zealand. They have better wages, and you interact with all kinds of people as you learn new skills and make more friends.

Teaching English

If you are a native English speaker, this is your best way to earn that extra cash and extend your working visa. Schools are always on the look for native speakers, especially those seeking work visas. You can find work efficiently if you have a degree. If you are not a native English speaker, then tests like TEFL qualifications can help you land the job when you encounter barriers.


Working holidays offer adventure, financial freedom, and an exhilarating change of scenery. Besides, Backpacker Jobs in NZ gives you the ability to learn new skills allowing you to earn as you gain real-world experience. The jobs vary from retail to tourism and agriculture; thus, it’s you to look for one that best fits you.


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