It’s the weekend and weekends are meant for dining out. It’s pretty blatant no one is in love with the kitchen and spent their entire life just cooking. There are plenty of instances where you just want to sit back and relax and don’t want to see the face of the kitchen or you are just bored of your own taste and just want to try something new.

It can be another way around also, you want some romantic outlet to dine with your love and create a sweet memory. So, how do you decide which place is best with perfect ambience, delicious cuisine and not to set aside affordable pricing? So, you ask your friends for suggestions, what if you can get better and more reliable suggestions. In the world of apps, you can rely on the apps to choose your eating spot.

Well, I know mobile app development is on the boom and there is a flood of apps lying out there in the app store and which ones the best is a bit confusing. Let me help you with that. Here’s a list of top restaurant apps for those who are a foodie and on their toes to add their tongue new flavours and also for those who are cooking freak.

Zomato (Urbanspoon previously)

New to the city? Don’t know the best spots to explore? No worries, you have your guide Zomato. One of the best ways to find top rated restaurants, cool cafes and trendy bars. Scroll the places based on the distance, ratings, popularity, and types of cuisines. Book table, order food, make the payments, pick up and home delivery, what else do you need for your restaurant hunt? No wonder the app has gained around 50,000,000 installs by September 2017 with such amazing features.


If you are extremely hungry and searching for an app that can give you lightning fast delivery, Swiggy is the app you are looking for. Also, there are no restrictions on the minimum order and while you are waiting you can track the order and stay updated with the estimated delivery time and status of your order. Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it something you want to use? If yes, just install the app and order.


If you want to satisfy your cravings in a cost-effective manner, Foodpanda is your all-time partner. It covers most popular and trusted restaurants to avail the user with varied food choice. If you are experimental with your food and want to try new cuisine every time, open Foodpanda and you will be served with options you never even know existed.

Ola acquired Foodpanda India from Germany-based Delivery Hero Group for $31.7 Mn (INR 202 Cr) in January this year. As per its filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ola parent ANI Technologies issued preference shares worth $4.4 Mn (INR 28 Cr) to Pisces eServices, the Indian company that operates Foodpanda.


Whether you are planning a family outing or you are planning a real romantic date night, DoorDash can be your perfect food partner. It serves you with the kind of food you are looking for along with the kind that sets with the mood and the occasion. It asks for no minimum order and allows you to track the status of the order. COD, card payment, wallet payment, and any other method you pick, the accepts all. You can also schedule the delivery at your convenient time frame.


Just as the name suggests, the app focuses on ‘Reserve what you deserve’. Let the long, boring waiting queues get chucked off with Reservation. Customized search based on the type of food, distance from your place, popularity and new openings. The app also allows you to book the table, check the menu, order your food in advance and by the time you reach the restaurant, your food is ready.

The app also facilitates payment. You can also bookmark your favourite restaurants to revisit them or get your food delivered if you want to eat in your pyjamas watching TV. The app also allows you to scrutinize your dining history, which places you visited, how many times, what items you ate and how much did you paid.


Well, you will never visit any restaurants without using your phone, once you start using these apps. Mobile app development companies have developed these apps in such a way that they just hook you up with their benefits. Open Table is one such app that allows you table booking at your favourite restaurants. The app allows you to add the bonus, avail you with certain discounts and reward you with dining credit. Isn’t this amazing? If yes, try this next time you visit any restaurant.


GrubHub is also one of the most popular platforms when it comes to food ordering. The app offers a list of multiple restaurants based on the type of cuisine you are craving for. This app offers easy ordering facility, delivery and pickup options, amazing deals and fantastic offers. Also, there are multiple payment options for the user’s convenience. Using and also getting used to its use is very much easy with GrubHub.


Well, this is not an app that has flourished the globe entirely but soon it will if it manages the pace it is working on at the moment. You can use the same account that you are using for the Uber cabs and order your favourite cuisines at a discounted price. So, yes the best thing is that you don’t need to create a new account and just start ordering with the same account. Of course, the app allows multiple modes for payment, delivers the food at the earliest minute possible, add ratings and reviews, and every such thing which other top apps provide.


Well, this app has some different concept but if you are a social person and fully FOMO (fear of missing out), you are going to love it. Are you curious to know about the all the hotspots of the place you are visiting and know about the best things to eat there? Curious to know the best events and best bars to spend the rocking night? Anxious to share the place you are exploring, things you are doing and food you are eating? PeekHunt is the combination of all these things. With Peekhunt you can reserve the table, pay for the cover charge, check the trending hotspots, check-in to any venue, and share all those with your friends.


A restaurant app development that can be accessed across more than 1500 cities covering almost 25000+ restaurants. Customized search options according to the type of cuisines, scroll their images, check what others have to say about listed restaurants. You know how embarrassing it is to feed the same payment details over and over again. Get rid of this frustration with EAT24 as this app allows you to secretly and securely store the payment information. Not in a mood to go out, no worries, EAT24 also shows you restaurants that drop your food to your place.


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