Top 10 Listed Companies in India

According to various sources, listed companies are those which are included and traded on a particular stock exchange. The stock exchanges have various prerequisites that a company must fulfill and continue to fulfill in order to be and stay listed.

A private company needs to go public in order to sell its share to the public; once it goes public they register themselves with a stock exchange. The reason companies like to go public is so that they can reduce their debt and have a means of financing themselves apart from bank loans.

A public company need not always be listed. An unlisted public company is one which is not listed on any stock exchange but can have an unlimited number of shareholders to raise capital for any commercial venture.

A company whose shares are traded on an official stock exchange. It must adhere to the listing requirements of that exchange, which may include how many shares are listed and a minimum earnings level.

Top 10 Companies in India 2019

Top 10 Listed Companies in India in 2019 (acc to Market Cap) 1
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The top 10 listed companies in India in 2019 according to market capitalization are Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Bank, Hindustan Unilever Limited, ITC Limited, Infosys, State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, and ONGC.

Two of them are government-owned companies, four of them are banks including three private sector banks and one public sector banks, two of them are FMCG companies and two of them are IT services companies.

Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian conglomerate that owns a business across sectors like energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Reliance is one of the most profitable companies in the country and the largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalization. It is also the largest company measured by revenue as it recently surpassed government-owned Indian Oil Corporation in revenues.

In October 2007, Reliance became the first Indian company to touch the $100 billion market capitalization mark. Founded by Dhirubhai Ambani and Champaklal Damani in the 1960s, it was earlier known as Reliance Commercial Corporation. However, in 1965, both the partners separated and Dhirubhai established Reliance Textiles Engineers Pvt Ltd in 1966. In May 1973, the name was changed to Reliance Industries Limited.

Market Cap –  ₹8,49,255.75 crores
Founded – 1973
Key Person – Mukesh Ambani (CEO)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹3,80,438 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹35,163 crores

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS aka Tata Consultancy Services in an Indian multinational information technology consulting company. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and provides its services across 47 countries. It is the second largest company by market capitalization. It is also placed among the most valuable IT services brands in the world. In 2015, the company was ranked 64th overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking. It is the world’s 2nd largest IT service provider.

In 2017, the company was ranked 10th on the Fortune Indian 500 list and soon in 2018, it surpassed the $100 billion market capitalization goal. In 2016-17, the parent company Tata Sons owned 70 percent shares of TCS. However, the parent firm sold stocks worth ₹8,750 crores in a bulk deal. In 1975, TCS created an electronic depository and trading system SECOM for the SWISS company SIS SegaInterSettle.

Market Cap – ₹7,91,452.98 crores
Founded – 1968
Key Person – Rajesh Gopinathan (MD & CEO)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹1,30,797 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹30,065 crores

HDFC Bank Ltd.

HDFC Bank aka Housing Development Finance Corporation is an Indian banking firm with more than 88,000 employees as of March 2018. The bank has a multinational presence in Bahrain, Hong Kong, and Dubai. It is the largest private sector lender by assets and also the largest bank in India by market capitalization. The bank was ranked 69th in 2016 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994 and the headquarters were inaugurated by Manmohan Singh, the Union Finance Minister at that time. As of 2018, the bank has expanded to 4,805 branches and 12,260 ATMs across 2,657 cities and towns in India. HDFC also installed more than 4.3 lakhs POS terminals and issued 2.35 crore debit cards as well as 85 lakhs credit cards in 2017.

Market Cap – ₹6,55,046.11 crores
Founded – 1994
Key Person – Aditya Puri (MD)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹116,597.92 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹21,078.14 crores

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited aka HUL is a British-Dutch FMCG company headquartered in Mumbai that manufactures foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care products, water purifier, and several other consumer goods. We have also included HUL in the list of top 10 FMCG companies in India. The company was established as Lever Brothers in 1933. However, after the merger of its constituent groups in 1956, it was renamed as Hindustan Lever Limited.

In June 2007, the company finally was branded as Hindustan Unilever Limited. As of 2019, the FMCG company sells 35 products across 20 categories and employees around 18,000 people. In December 2018, HUL acquired Glaxo Smithkline’s India business for ₹26,600 crores. The firm has a research center called Hindustan Unilever Research Center in Mumbai that was set up in 1966 and Unilever Research India in Bengaluru.

Market Cap – ₹386,075.03 crores
Founded – 1933
Key Person – Sanjiv Mehta (CEO)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹38,888 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹6,036 crores

ITC Limited

ITC was established in 1910 as the Indian Tobacco Company of India Limited. It was renamed as the Indian Tobacco Company Limited in 1970 and further as ITC Limited in 2001. The company employees more than 30,000 people and is present at 60 locations across India. The company set up its first cigarette factory in 1913 in Bengaluru. The first six decades of the company was primarily focused on the growth and sale of cigarette and leaf-tobacco business.

In 1925, the company forayed into the printing business. ITC Ltd sells 81% of the Cigarettes, Bidi in Asia, where 2.75 crore people use tobacco products. ITC’s major food brands include Kitchens of India; Aashirvaad, B natural, Sunfeast, Candyman, Bingo! and Yippee!. ITC’s Hotels division (under brands including WelcomHotel) is India’s second-largest hotel chain with over 90 hotels throughout India.

Market Cap – ₹3,74,256.02 crores
Founded – 1910
Key Person – Sanjiv Puri (CEO)
Headquarters – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Revenue – ₹47,480.19 crore
Net Profit/Loss – ₹18,444.16 crore


Infosys is an Indian corporation that deals in business consulting, information technology, and software services. It is the second-largest Indian IT company by revenues and the 596th largest public company in the world by revenues. It is established by seven engineers with an initial capital of ₹17,500 in 1981 as Infosys Consultants Private Limited. The company changed its name to Infosys Technologies Private Limited in April 1992 and to Infosys Technologies Limited when it became a public limited company in June 1992.

The IPO story of the company is quite interesting. In 1993 the company offered shares at ₹95 (equivalent to ₹510 or US$7.40 in 2018) per share against the book value of ₹20 (equivalent to ₹110 or US$1.60 in 2018) per share. However, it was undersubscribed and was “bailed out” by US investment bank Morgan Stanley, which picked up 13% of equity at the offer price. Infosys had 82 sales and marketing offices and 123 development centers across with major presence in India, United States, China, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, and Europe.

Market Cap – ₹3,09,334.14 crores
Founded – 1981
Key Person – Salil S.Parekh
Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Revenue – ₹75,959 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹14,702 crores

State Bank of India

SBI aka State Bank of India is the largest public sector bank in the country. It is ranked 216th in the Fortune Global 500 list 2018. The bank captures 23% market share in assets and shares 25% of the total loan and deposits market. As of March 2017, the Government of India held around 61.23% equity shares in the lender and Life Insurance Corporation of India, a government-owned insurance firm, owned the largest non-promoter share worth 8.82%.

The bank has more than 24,000 branches across the country. The bank also has 191 overseas offices across 36 countries. SBI is one of the largest employers in the country with 209,567 employees. SBI was 50th most trusted brand in India as per the Brand Trust Report 2013. On 15 February 2017, the Union Cabinet approved the merger of five associate banks with SBI which were State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore.

Market Cap – ₹3,01,250.26 crores
Founded – 1955
Key Person – Rajnish Kumar (Chairman)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹2,78,082.99 crore
Net Profit/Loss – ₹698.32 crore (loss)

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the second largest private sector bank by market capitalization. The bank received the license from RBI in 2003. The bank offers various financial products across business and retail sectors through its subsidiaries including personal finance, investment banking, general insurance, life insurance, and wealth management. The bank’s roots were laid down by Uday Kotak in 1985 as Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited.

In 2015, the bank acquired ING Vysya Bank for ₹15,000 crores and the total employment jumped to 40,000 with the merger. In a study by Brand Finance Banking 500, published in February 2014 by Banker magazine, KMBL was ranked 245th among the world’s top 500 banks with a brand valuation of around half a billion dollars.

Market Cap – ₹2,83,894.20 crores
Founded – 2003
Key Person – Uday Kotak (MD & CEO)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹28,547.24 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹4,865.33 crores

ICICI Bank Ltd.

ICICI Bank is the fourth largest bank in India and the third largest private sector bank in India by market capitalization. The company offers a wide range of financial services through its subsidiaries including investment banking, life insurance, general insurance, venture capital, and asset management, stockbroking and wealth management. It has a network of 4,867 branches and 14,367 ATMs across the country and is present in more than 17 countries apart from India.

It has its branches in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, China, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Germany, and Belgium. The parent company of the bank was established in 1955 as a joint venture of the World Bank, India’s public-sector banks and public-sector insurance companies. However, the parent company later merged with ICICI Bank.

Market Cap – ₹2,58,165.50 crores
Founded – 1994
Key Person – Sandeep Bakhshi (CEO)
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Revenue – ₹77,913.36 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹3,363.30 crores


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation aka ONGC is a government-owned multinational oil and gas company. It produces more than 70% of India’s crude oil equivalent to around 30% of India’s total demand and around 62% of India’s natural gas. In 2016-17, it was ranked as the largest profit making PSU in India. It is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

It was founded in 1956 by GoI which currently holds 68.94% equity in the firm. The firm owns and operates over 11,000 kilometers of pipelines in the country. ONGC has added over 7.1 billion tonnes of In-place Oil & Gas volume of hydrocarbons in Indian basins. On 1 November 2017, the Union Cabinet approved ONGC for acquiring majority 51.11% stake in HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited). On Jan 30th, 2018, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation acquired the entire 51.11% stake of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation.

Market Cap – ₹2,19,274.27 crores
Founded – 1956
Key Person – Shashi Shankar (Chairman & MD)
Headquarters – New Delhi, Delhi, India
Revenue – ₹92,813.24 crores
Net Profit/Loss – ₹19,945.26 crores


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