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If owning your own business is on your bucket list, a health and wellness franchise could be just right for you. These franchises help people make better choices as they work to improve their health. There are all types of health and wellness franchises available, from exercise facilities to healthy vending machines. They all have varying amounts of necessary cash to open.

Gym Franchises

Gym franchises are all the rage. From large fitness facilities to small, affordable facilities, there is truly something for everyone. These franchises include gym equipment like weights and exercise machines, unlike boutique fitness franchises that usually offer specialized fitness classes. These are usually some of the higher priced franchises to buy into, but they provide a large return on investment.

Healthy Vending Machines

These are some of the easiest franchises to own, as they can be put practically anywhere and they are accessed by people of all backgrounds. To see how successful you can be with a healthy vending machine franchise, check out the Healthy You Vending reviews. Healthy vending machines businesses are different from most health and wellness franchises because they aren’t traditional franchises. Instead, you buy your own vending machines and you fill it with delicious and healthy food. These vending machines have massive returns on investments. They include features like Automatic nightly power downs, Ability to take debit and credit cards as well as Free training sessions

Senior Care

This might not be the first thing you consider when buying a health and wellness franchise, but senior care is all about health and wellness. Even though people are living longer, they are still struggling with their health and senior care franchises help with all types of wellness issues. They help with delivering and preparing meals, providing home care, and general nursing services, too. Some of the franchises provide home care services just for seniors, while others are designed to care for anyone who is homebound for health reasons. These franchises usually have similar up-front costs that gym facilities have.

Health Coaching

Personal coaching for health and wellness is an industry on the rise. These franchises sometimes include actual facilities, while others just include coaching training. The up-front costs are based on what is included in the actual franchise, so they can be some of the lower priced options. If you are good at encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and you don’t mind travelling to do your job, this could be a good choice for you.

Day Spas

From massage therapy to hair care centres, day spas are a vital part of the health and wellness industries. Many of the franchises not only provide the spa services, but many sell memberships so customers come back regularly for nail care or hair care, massages, and facials. Most of these franchises involve getting leases in strip malls, so they have significant up-front costs. But, many have proven to be very successful as spa services are popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. You do not have to be a licensed therapist or esthetician to open the franchise, but most of them required people to have licenses to work there.

Children’s Fitness Centers

Of the health and wellness franchises, facilities geared just for children are often the riskiest endeavours. Because the clients are so limited in scope, it can be difficult to keep families coming back consistently. However, if you can keep children and their families coming in for lessons and parties, children’s fitness centres can be lucrative. These centres could be loaded with trampolines or inflatables. Some might even teach swimming lessons to children at local pools. They could also specialize in general exercising, too.

Boutique Fitness Facilities

Boutique fitness is all the rage. These facilities offer specialized exercise programs or classes. They vary from the gyms as they often have specialized equipment and they do not have common equipment like weights and treadmills. The challenge with boutique fitness facilities is the fact that they have classes that need to be taught by people with certificates. Not just anyone can teach those specialized classes. If you are opening the first boutique fitness facility of its kind in your city, you could have difficulty finding people who can teach the classes. These franchises also usually have significant up-front costs and the require leases in strip malls as well as serious modifications to the spaces.

Family Care Facilities

Seniors aren’t the only people who get their care from franchises. Families can also benefit from care provided by franchised facilities. From franchised dental franchises to health-care franchises, there is truly something for all families. Some of the franchises provide general health care, while others provide care like laser therapy or vision services. Even chiropractic care has become a franchise opportunity, too! Family care franchises usually require leases for the facilities and they have large up-front costs.

Cannabis Facilities

With so many states legalizing marijuana, cannabis-related franchises are an up-and-coming franchise opportunity. Some of these franchises are involved in selling legal amounts of marijuana, while others focus on CBD oil and products made from hemp. Since this market is relatively new, cannabis franchises still have something to prove in the market. If you get on the ground floor, you could end up with a successful business or one that does not last very long. These franchises are not yet available in all 50 states.

Healthy Food Facilities

The latest healthy food franchises are more than restaurants. Some offer smoothie bars. Others include healthy juices. Some require their own leases in strip malls, while others can be placed inside of gyms and boutique fitness centres. Because these are usually speciality food franchises, you rarely need to hire wait staffs and other specialized restaurant employees. You usually need someone to work behind the counter and that person can do most of the work. The costs of running healthy food franchises are much lower than running a typical restaurant. But, the franchise costs are not cheap, so expect to pay a lot of money up-front.


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