Pune: Santosh Kumar, Founder and CEO, MandiApp announces the launch of his agri-tech startup – MandiApp, which has been incubated by TLabs. MandiApp is a platform which facilitates buying and selling of wholesale agri-commodities such as vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals and pulses along with transportation.

It aggregates data at multiple levels to help buyers and suppliers understand the availability and rates at different locations. The data captured contains details of quality, quantity, price etc. helping the trading parties in hassle-free decision making.

Incubated under TLABSfor 6 months, this agri-tech startup also helps to create a private network for users enabling them to get notified of any events occurring in their private network.

The platform also helps to find out mutual connections between any two parties, thus helping them to build the trust before transacting.

This helps to build a healthy network and close the communication and trust barrier.It not only offers news, reports and availability of the agri-produce but also provides additional services of transport to facilitate the entire transaction.

Santosh believed that rural and urban entirely revolves around the extent of the population engaged in the farm sector and this engagement is mainly hampered due to lack of information on agricultural produce and credible knowledge.

Thus, this idea of a mobile App and portal, that would cater to the needs of both the farmer and trader emerged, combined with his dream to bring the whole community together.

On the launch of MandiApp, Santosh Kumar, Founder and CEO, MandiApp said, “After exploring the mandis and market-yards across India, I realized that there is a dire need for the people to reach out to the right market and get updated about the complex dynamics of the market.Agritech is a burgeoning field globally with many innovations and advancements happening at a rapid pace and fundamentally reshaping how we farm, cultivate crops and rear animals.”

He further added, “Currently the agri-tech industry in India presents the opportunity to create sustainable economic growth and establish ourselves on the world stage and now with the government supporting agri-tech startups is a boon for the industry.We are very thankful to TLABS for their support and helping us achieve our goals.”

Abhishek Gupta, COO, TLabscommented, “MandiApp is a very innovative platform addressing the last-mile & grass-root problems by connecting Buyers and Sellers of Agri-produce across India. The platform not only facilitates connecting, procuring and selling between the right vendors but also ensures the right transportation options for the best value in the entire transaction.”

MandiApp is currently an app-only platform, having over 10,000 users with more than 500 unique connections made every day between buyers and sellers with about 1000 transactions done monthly.

Founded in 2011, TLabs, the Times Internet-owned startup accelerator is an early stage seed-fund for Indian internet and mobile technology startups.

What sets TLabs apart and makes it one of the most established accelerators in the country are the mentors who include well-renowned and experienced entrepreneurs.

Currently, TLabs has more than 50 startups in its portfolio.


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