Tips to Prepare for Class 11 Physics Exam

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Physics is a branch of science. It can be defined as the study of matter or the study of energy or the study of the interaction between matter and energy. In simple terms, Physics is the science of motion of matter. It deals with concepts like mass, force, charge and energy.

Understanding this subject could be easy and interesting for some students but for a few students, it can be difficult and boring. So, I’m here to help you with some tips to prepare for class 11 Physics exam. Also, checkout the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics.

Physics Syllabus:

It is very important to understand the physics syllabus. Make a outline of the syllabus and accordingly prepare study timetable based on the topics which you feel are easy or difficult for you. Divide the time accordingly and also include break time.

Lesson 1 Physical World
Lesson 2 Units and Measurements
Lesson 3 Motion in a Straight Line
Lesson 4 Motion in a Plane
Lesson 5 Laws of Motion
Lesson 6 Work, Energy and Power
Lesson 7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Lesson 8 Gravitation
Lesson 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids
Lesson 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Lesson 11 Thermal Properties of Matter
Lesson 12 Thermodynamics
Lesson 13 Kinetic Theory
Lesson 14 Oscillations
Lesson 15 Waves


Focused studies without distractions:

While you studying don’t get distracted to watch TV or playing video games as these can make your eyes tired and sleepy.  Practice the formulas, laws of physics by writing on sheets and make notes by drawing flowcharts, highlight the points to remember with colorful markers. All this will help you while you revise.

Boost your Confidence:

Make sure to finish studying weeks before your physics exam. Revision cannot be ignored as there are many laws, formulas, circuit diagrams to remember in physics.

Attend online tests to increase your speed and become through with physics concepts.

Eat well and stay hydrated. Refresh your mind by taking short breaks and power nap. Exercise and meditate as it can help you stay fit and positive. You can also checkout NCERT Solutions for class 11 science to prepare for your science exam.

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