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A new online cryptocurrency marketplace could have a big impact on how users buy and sell online. AllForCrypto is among the first to offer an online marketplace that will accept cryptocurrency only.

The new e-commerce platform will be more secure and transparent than traditional online shopping with the use of The New Cryptocurrency Marketplace blockchain technology.

CEO, William Leen, previously conducted business as an eCommerce Trader and talked about the difficulties buyers and sellers experienced.​

“There were unhappy sellers who experienced fraudulent chargebacks, and unhappy buyers who never got their products after paying for them. As blockchain and cryptocurrencies became more and more popular among the masses, I thought that there has to be a better way to trade online. And then, AllForCrypto was born.” – William Lee, CEO

AllForCrypto buyers and sellers can use cryptocurrency and non-chargeback fiat payments as well as AllForCrypto’s token, AFCT, which you can buy.

Cryptocurrency payments are resistant to fraud thanks to the distributed blockchain ledger. The seller is just as protected as the buyer since everything is stored on the blockchain. No payments or information can be altered.

Buyers are also protected when making purchases with AllForCrypto’s escrow account. Funds are locked away for 30 days until the Buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction of the items.

What’s more is that sellers and buyers no longer have to worry about tedious currency conversions for making purchases, reducing transaction costs and increasing security for everyone.

AllForCrypto has partnered with reliable sellers to offer top quality products to buyers gives the product prices a competitive edge.

AllForCrypto has gathered huge popularity among industry leaders who act as advisors, such as Simon Cocking (Chief Editor of Irish Tech News and CryptocoinNews Ranked 1 ICOBench), and Krishnendu Chatterjee, to name but a few.

They have built a team of very talented 11 employees who take the reigns of the startup relentlessly and bring a wealth of knowledge into the crypto, blockchain and marketing industries.

AllForCrypto has already succeeded in attracting attention from over 600 users who bought and sold goods within the system.

While the digital space is saturated with e-commerce platforms, AllForCrypto wishes to embark on a new path; one where both buyers and sellers equally benefit from the transparency, value, low cost and safety which cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have to offer.

AllForCrypto will accept only cryptocurrencies, as well as its own token, AFCT, which you can now buy on Waves Exchange and due for an IEO launch, on Shortex, Aug. 5, 2019.


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