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The on-demand beauty and wellness industry is growing with its full potential. Although the markets have been quite competitive for a long time, still there is huge potential. If we talk about London, the annual spend by women on beauty treatments on an average is £900 while the same for men is £700.

With over 8.5 million population, 5.8 million being working professionals and 2.9 million women, the opportunity for beauty, wellness and fitness industry in London weighs a few billion pounds. The UK hair and beauty services market is estimated to be around £4 billion which is highly fragmented with only 2 percent transactions happening online.

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Sahil & Sadaf recognized this opportunity from the very days of their higher studies and landed on the idea of GlowVita. They wanted to take advantage of the growing shifts towards on-demand economy across the world and aspired to connect the beauty and wellness industry with state of art technology.

GlowVita is a one-stop on-demand beauty, wellness, and fitness app which was officially launched in December 2016. The app provides users easy access to a range of fully qualified, multi-skilled and multi-cultural professionally trained service providers, across London. The providers are equipped to deliver treatments directly to the client’s home, office or venue of choice; at a time dictated by the user’s requirements.

Sahil Kakaria was born in New Delhi. However, he moved to the US to pursue his Bachelors in Finance and Economics where he completed various internships in the Wall Street. London became his next stop for higher studies. Completing his Masters from London School of Economics, he has an experience of working in three different continents.

Sadaf Hashemzadeh was born up and raised in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. She migrated to London at the age of 17 all by herself for providing her mind with quality education. A girl with dual nationality but single aim, the aim to lead the world, she was born in a family of engineers and entrepreneurs.

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Sahil and Sadaf met each other while doing MBA at Imperial College Business School in London. Sadaf has several years of entrepreneurial experiences from managing commercial properties to real estate, where she gained experience in motivating and developing people as well as driving business performance.

“We worked on the idea during our MBA as we saw a massive disconnect between the services and technology as well as we realized that the quality, flexibility, and convenience was not catered for to a great extent in the current traditional salon based model.” says Sadaf.

The firm has raised money from several angel investors and looking for further rounds. They plan to use the funds to scale, market and for further UI/UX improvements to build a very interactive platform. GlowVita is solving the problems in the industry through a lot many ways.

From the consumer’s point of view, there are various problems to be solved. The inconvenience of waiting time after salon’s appointments, lack of visibility around service quality, lack of scheduling flexibility and inefficient booking system cause a woe.

From the service providers point of view, there are again tremendous problems to be solved. Low salary, unfair revenue sharing scheme, lack of technical knowledge, lack of marketing skills to acquire new clients, inflexible working hours and access to a limited client base are some of the main factors to be specific.

GlowVita provides flexibility for providers whether it be setting prices or serving certain locations. The firm claims to receive positive feedback so far from both service providers and clients. Transparency, reliability, and quality are the core values of the startup, and it should be the same for everyone.

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The startup gained impressive initial traction with a low marketing expenditure. With more than 5000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, 9000 clicks on the web app and hundreds of app downloads on the App Store, the startup believes that GlowVita will perform well in the upcoming days.

Sahil says, “We are currently going through a funding process and aim to target those funds on implementing our marketing plan to the fullest and plan on scaling up quite rapidly.”

After London, Sadaf and Sahil plan to expand GlowVita’s operations in the UK as well as other countries across the globe. They plan to enhance the platform by adding a B2B marketplace, but that has time to be in effect. Recently, co-founder Sadaf was featured on Huffington Post as part of a women empowerment series called Hidden Figures

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