A 2017 Harvard Business Review study found that 89% of people who moved into coworking spaces reported being happier!

With the mission of serving offices without boundaries, this amazing coworking space in Mumbai believes in open coworking spaces inspired by thoughtful ideas. A nexus of creativity, productivity and vitality, Mosaic is the place you go to work and stay for ambience.

It redefines the concept of coworking space by offering a holistic lifestyle that incorporates aspects of wellness in all its offerings, be it the ambience or the value added services.

Coffee, free Wi-fi and a great community is something to boast about. Mosaic has put in the hard work to create a nurturing environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, start-ups and even corporates.

The Mosaic plans to soon expand to NCR region, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and another space in Mumbai taking the total to five centres in the near future.

Space – Built Up Area and More

The design is very nature-friendly and refreshes your mind. With a built-up area of 8000 sq. ft. this coworking space in Mumbai helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and innovators to fall in love with their passion.

Below are the divisions of the total built-up area.


coworking space in India


coworking space in india

Community Room (1000 sq.ft.)

coworking space in india

Meeting Room

coworking space in mumbai

Private Offices, Casual Workspace and Conference Room

The workspace looks more like a dream than an office. A relaxing environment with open areas, expansive glass panel windows, ambient natural light and oxygen rich plants all around, the Mosaic is a perfect balance of nature and technology.

Conference rooms make it the hub of constructive decision making while keeping in mind the privacy needs. Private cabins help you for carving out a personal space for your niche.

Wellness, Health and Fitness

Mosaic claims to be the nexus of holistic wellbeing. The coworking space is the only one in India that supports the growth of body, mind and soul simultaneously.

coworking space in mumbai

The nature-inspired design creates a Zen in the workspace. With the practices of Tai Chi, Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga and meditation sessions, Mosaic aces the art of mindfulness.

Benefits and Amenities

Carlton Hill’s Tai Chi classes
Isha Yoga and Mediation Sessions
Zumba Workshops & Kickboxing
Lightning Fast Internet (100 Mbps)
Skill Recognition Events
Guest Welcoming Services
Reception Services
Mineral Water FacilityUnlimited Coffee and Organic Teas
Fully Air-Conditioned
Access for 12 Hours
24/7 CCTC Security
In House Pantry
In House Housekeeping
Free Printer Service
IT and Administrative Support

Pricing Plans

[Coworking Review] The Mosaic - India's First Wellness Based Premium Coworking Space 1

The price starts from INR 13,500 and goes up to INR 75,000. The prices are calculated per month per seat and are exclusive of 18 percent GST. For INR 13,500 you get a Flexible Seat for a month while for INR 15,000 you get a dedicated seat for a month. A private cabin with 5 seats will cost you INR 75,000. And keep in mind, the prices include electricity bills, air-conditioner charger and other maintenance costs.



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