WomenPower 11: Taniya Quit Her Job 3 Months Before Her Marriage To Startup

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Because the lifestyle of working professionals is changing, and health issues are cropping up at such a young age, there is suddenly a lot of awareness about healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. There is also a lot of acceptance of healthy foods these days.  The fresh and healthy food market is still at a nascent stage, but there is a lot of potentials, and we will see a lot of growth in the coming years.

Born and brought up in a Marwari family from a small town called Siliguri, Taniya had very limited exposure to opportunities. But she was optimistic, positive and inquisitive. Time didn’t stop her from grabbing lucrative jobs at top notch corporations.

Let me tell you that all of us are not made for the conventional 9 to 5 job. So was Taniya. She earned a decent amount of salary but decided to quit. And that too just 3 months before her wedding. This was the day when this veggies-lover explored the entrepreneur inside her.


With immense support from her family and in-laws she was freed from every household responsibility. A grand salute to her family and in-laws from the whole team of Startup Wonders. Instead of managing her home, she is now managing a manufacturing team, a team of delivery boys and junior level executives, something different from what a normal middle-class wife would do.

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Zoe, Gurgaon’s most loved healthy food delivery brand came to existence. Founded by Taniya Dhirasaria and Karan Jindal, the startup currently generates revenue of ₹15 lakhs every month. With more than 15,000 happy customers, Zoe succeeded to maintain a 20% M-o-M growth. The startup is bootstrapped, and the savings of the founders were put into the company.

Karan completed his engineering from Thapar and MBA from ISB Hyderabad. Taniya graduated from NIFT, Kolkata and pursued her post-graduation from MICA, Ahmedabad. Karan was the founding member of Zoe. But a few months after Zoe was started, Karan’s other venture, IRX got acquired by Quikr. So Karan works with Quikr team full time. Now he just helps around whenever he is free.

Karan lost 20 kilos by being on a healthy diet. Taniya was in the fashion industry for 7 years before starting Zoe, and she noticed that people want to lose weight all the time, and a lot of people resort to unhealthy ways of losing weight, which impacts their health in the long run. So together they thought, why not solve the pain point of working professionals.


“I grew up in the foothills of Darjeeling. Although I was always an overweight kid, I’ve always been fascinated by health and nutrition as a subject. And I’ve been a marathon runner.  I have this crazy habit of reading up anything and everything about health and nutrition, and that’s how I have good knowledge about everything I do. My lifestyle – I love fruits, I love veggies, I love green stuff, I swear by naturopathy… I love to wake up on time, sleep on time… follow a disciplined life. That is if given a choice!” says Taniya.

“I am the complete opposite of Taniya.  I am the biggest supporter of Liverpool, and I spend my nights awake watching repeat telecasts of Liverpool matches. I love technology, I love football, I love watching repeat telecasts of all movies and sitcoms. I love pizza, I am definitely not a fan of healthy food! I used to be an over-weight kid until my MBA, after which I followed a healthy diet for 6 months and lost 20 kilos. I also met Taniya at around the same time, and I shared my experience with her. That’s how we conceived the idea of Zoe.” says Karan.

Zoe is located in Gurgaon because of two reasons. The first one obviously because the founders were based out of Gurgaon. They thought it would be easy to get family support with financial benefits as well. The second reason for choosing Gurgaon as the base location was the availability of customers. Gurgaon holds more than 500 companies with a large number of working professionals.

Taniya adds, “The problem that we are solving is of providing the right kind of nutrition to working professionals, who are too busy to take time out for their health. We are also helping these people lose weight and detoxify in a healthy way.”


Zoe provides 100% natural, healthy and nutritious choices of diet. Being result oriented, Zoe guarantees weight loss. If they say you will lose 1 kilo in a day by doing their diet, you will. Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, and SMS promotions are the most loved advertising methods used by Taniya and team.

While direct mailers, activation in top housing societies, corporate events, family events, newspaper ads, and banner hoardings provide an extra dimension to their marketing tactics.

Selling pan-India, Zoe’s team is planning to go international and launch in 95 countries worldwide. However, Taniya faced difficulties in finding the right people to work within the initial days. So does every entrepreneur. Through the journey, the founder has become more patient and has learned how to balance work & personal life.

“I have transformed from being a perfectionist to being more practical while taking decisions. If you have an idea, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Just believe in yourself, and never give up!” she adds.