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Passing the CPA exam is an arduous undertaking. From the beginning of preparation until the moment that envelope saying you’ve passed is received in the mail, it’s an emotional roller coaster of ecstatic highs and gut-wrenching lows.

It’s easy to feel you are all alone in the process. As a result, having other people there who will help you up when down or celebrating the victories along the CPA exam journey is critical to making the difference between pushing through the difficult challenges or walking away from it. There are many ways to get this support. They are inside your present group of friends or might even be part of an Online CPA Review Course.

With a Little Help from Your Friends

When undertaking something as important as studying for the CPA exam, a person might have to wonder, “How important is it to have a support system?” Sometimes, a sound support system can make a huge difference in getting through something as important as the CPA exam. Let’s face it: most CPA candidates don’t have the luxury of spending all their time studying. Most have a job to support themselves as they study, and many even have a family to support. The bottom line is, although family members are great to enlist for support, having a reliable outside support system is good as well.

Life doesn’t just stop when a person decides to take the CPA exam. In some ways, life becomes more hectic. Not only will a candidate find themselves studying for the CPA exam, but they will also often find themselves being bombarded with everything else life chooses to throw at them.

A Team of Winners

So, how do you go about creating a support group? It’s relatively easy once you get started. First, it’s much easier to find people to support you once you begin to support others. A comfortable place to start is usually your family and friends. Ask them about something they are pursuing or something they are passionate about. Then be sure to remember what they say. When they give you good news about something they have accomplished, be excited for them. If they fail, be understanding and empathetic too.

Remember to be careful about giving advice, good or bad. Many people don’t want to listen to unsolicited advice. Instead, many people like having someone to talk to. Drop all semblances of competition from your mind before discussing a goal. Just try to be supportive. The only place where competition is healthy is when it comes to yourself and your desire to be better than yesterday. If you don’t find yourself being good at this, keep at it. Practice does make perfect.

As you become a better supporter of others, don’t be afraid to apply this same mentality to their support of your efforts. Apply this to your friends, partner, co-workers, and members of online networks. And don’t be afraid to ask for the support of those in your online CPA review group. This should be a mutually supportive environment.

After a Support System is in Place

Once a support system is in place, it’s critical to know how they will help a candidate pass the CPA exam. One way is to ask them to perform many of the tasks that would ordinarily fall to the candidate. These could be very simple things, like being available for conversations when a person is feeling down. Or, they might include things like preparing dinner in the days preceding the exam. More hands-on methods might be to help with flashcard reviews while studying.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest ways a group can help a candidate is to provide emotional support. Almost everyone can relate to the problem of experiencing failure or having success be long in coming. Helping a candidate get through these times is just as important as more tangible things might be. It might make the difference between earning your CPA license or not.


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