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Sunday, April 22, 2018


₹6,666 /- Only

(Inclusive GST)


Let us write about your coworking space.

Remember, we go through certain checkpoints and if your coworking space qualifies, then only we can publish about your coworking space.

What! You Are A Media Outlet and You Charge For Publishing. Where's The Credibility?

Yes! we charge for publishing a story. BUT! We don’t publish just anything. Your coworking space has to qualify our standards in order to get featured on our website. And we don’t just believe in making money by writing about “X” number of coworking spaces. If your coworking space doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t write about it for even $1 Mn.

WHY ₹6,666?

Let us tell you why. For the above price, you get:

NO! I didn't get it. More details please..

Every Coworking space that pays a sum of ₹6,666 gets Facebook ads coupon worth ₹5,000. The post/review of your coworking space would be promoted in front of a relevant audience using our expertise and data analytics experience. The promotion would run for 7 days and we would share the Ad Receipt and Performance report with you. Remember, it would not drive traffic to your website directly, as the landing page would be set as the article published.

Each and every Startup working at your Coworking space will be entitled to a free startup story on our platform. Yes! and that’s for a lifetime. You just need to share us the leads of the Startups working in your space and we will reach out to them. Remember, we may refuse to write about a startup which doesn’t meet our minimum standards for Startup Stories.

We will publish 2 stories for each of your events: pre-event promotion and post-event coverage. And that’s too for a lifetime. The condition is that the venue of the event should be at your Coworking space. You just need to intimate us about the event at least 7 days in advance and share with us the photos and videos.

  • Your Logo On Our Partners Page

  • Occasional Live Streaming Of Event

  • 50% Discounts on Future Adverts

  • Occasional Mutual Benefits Campaigns

  • Coupons Listed On Our Deals Page

  • Free Passes For Our Events

Examples of Previous Works

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