There used to be a program on one of the radio channels whose tagline went by “Soch Kabhi bhi aa Sakti hai” or in other words, “A thought can strike anytime”. Something similar happened to one person who was standing in a food court along with his family waiting for the Raajma Chawal to be delivered.

You are hungry, you have two kids and a wife in a bustling food court of a mall on Sunday and you are waiting. Every passing minute is killing your weekend mood, the kids are maybe getting restless and you feel- “I am done with the queues” and as you say that, epiphany strikes and you know that an idea is born!

Next thing you know, you are sitting with your friend and family and you know that you have to Drop this Q and this is exactly what happened when Vaibhav Singhal, Swati Singhal, and Nikhil Monga decided that they had to do something about these long waiting lines! DroptheQ was thus born!

This team quickly put through the idea to execution and within a span of a few months, they were already serving over 50 outlets in the Delhi-NCR region!

In the words of Vaibhav, who is also the CEO of the firm, “As a typical North-Indian Foodie, who has seen people go crazy waiting on special occasions, I know how much getting your order immediately means to us. With DroptheQ, we want to make the service quick. While this will benefit the end customers, it has a lot of potential for the business owners, especially the QSRs to further build on their capacity and cater to more and more customers.”

Vaibhav, who hails from IIM Indore reminisces how despite having so many messes on the campus, they always had to wait for their order, especially in the night mess that used to start post 11 pm.

“Now, most of the times, the visits to the night mess used to happen during exams because then you used to be pulling an all-nighter, and then you go to the mess for some paneer paratha and there is so much crowd already, you end up wasting time and then you get frustrated, at least I used to”, says Vaibhav.

He further adds that IIM Indore is definitely on his list and not just because he is an alum but also because he knows the pain points.

DroptheQ, though barely one year in the market has already collaborated with some of the major brands in North and Central India such as Subway, Nirulas, Baskin Robbins, Spark Mall, Parsvanath Math, and Inderlok Food Courts. Their contactless ordering was a special hit during the lockdown phase as it became the app of choice for people who wanted to go out but get a drive-through service instead of waiting in long lines.


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