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Adkarlo Helps Brand Owners With Their Advertisement Services


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Kudos to their aspiration! which led them to give a life to Adkarlo. Making your own position is the eye’s of prospects can’t be done just in a day, you put in your 100% efforts , you work with zeal then you take your first step towards success. Passionate young talent never fails to inspire people. Such a footprint took shape in the form of “Adkarlo” a brainchild of Nitin Pokharna and Gaurav Sava.

Birth of the Idea

Nitin, who runs an Outdoor Advertising Agency since 2011, noticed a plateau in the growth of his client base. Meanwhile, the clients also found it difficult to reach him. Caught in the cross-fire of this communication gap, business was sluggish.

So, he felt the need to bridge this gap – the need to build a platform where Agencies could approach new clients and where clients could equip themselves to find the best-suited agencies without a hassle.

Gaurav working with Whirlpool  faced similar issues from the other end of the tunnel where it was difficult for him to find advertising agencies, connected with the idea and joined Adkarlo as a Co-Founder

Meeting Several Agencies and Brand Managers over a period of 3-4 months helped Validate the need gap.

All You Need to Know About Adkarlo

Adkarlo is an India’s Only Advertising/Branding Agency Marketplace. It is a One Stop Solution for all Advertising/Branding requirements. Here you can Find, Compare & Choose from agencies in 50+ Categories. At Adkarlo they believe that the LOCAL agencies are the best and the most economical source to get the campaigns done, so they connect the Business Owners directly to the local agencies.

Some examples of where they can help find the right agencies :-

  • Designing a Logo for your business
  • Getting Visiting Cards/Stationary Printed
  • Advertising in Newspapers/Magazines
  • Getting an Outdoor Campaign Done
  • Advertising in Malls, hospitals, Train Stations, Airports.
  • All Sorts of Digital Marketing
  • Doing Email/Whats App/ SMS Marketing campaigns
  • Advertising on Busses/Taxis/Trains or even Airplanes
  • Getting a campaign up on a Radio or a TV Channel

(So they have Creative, Printing, Digital, Media, Database Marketing, as well as Events/PR agencies)

‘’Agency dhundne ke chakkar main, khud ko MAD mat karlo bus— Adkarlo’’

Value Proposition is India’s only core Advertising Marketplace, unlike generic search engines like Google/Justdial They stand out on the following Counts:-

  • In Depth Category Allocation
  • Accurate Keyword Mapping
  • Post Your Project Feature (Here Brand Owners/Business Owners Can Post Requirements and receive Proposals)
  • DIY Platform
  • Pin to Plane for Advertising/Branding
  • Only Verified Agencies

Operations & Team 

Currently, Adkarlo is working in 4 Cities in Maharashtra – Pune/Thane/Aurangabad & Ahmednagar and  yes have future plans to scale its operations across 120 Cities in India in the next 4 years. Mumbai the Advertising Capital of India is the next region we are expanding to.

It has a team of 11 People currently operating from Pune.

Founders life at a Glance

Nitin is a Chartered Accountant by Qualification, an Advertiser by Profession. After completing C.A. in 2010, Nitin started his outdoor advertising business in 2011 and Founded Adkarlo in 2015.

Gaurav is an Engg. & MBA by qualification, a Marketer by Profession. Gaurav has worked with reputed brands like Mahindra Satyam and Whirlpool before he joined Adkarlo as a Co-Founder in 2015.


Adkarlo was launched in February 2016. It has 800+ VERIFIED agencies/entities and 700+Brand Users registered on its platform. 400+ Projects have been posted on its platform and the total Agency Business Value generated is close to Rs 1.2 Crores from these 400 Projects.

No of Projects Posted have gone up from 80 in June 2016 to 180 in August 2016. (Incremental Growth of 125%)


The Startup is being Self Funded/Bootstrapped. It’s Still at a Pre-Revenue Stage and is expected to be Cash Flow positive in the 3rd year of Operations.

 Glance at Adkarlo’s Timeline

  • Feb 2015 – Company Founded
  • Feb – May 2015 – Idea Validation, Work commenced on Branding, Collaterals & (Beta)
  • June 2015 – Rented an office in Pune
  • July 2015 – Gaurav joined as a Co-Founder, Beta Version Launched in Pune. A team of 6 people.
  • July – Dec – 400 Agencies registered signed up on
  • 2016 – product launch.
  • August 2016 – 800+ Verified Agencies, 700+ Registered Users, 400+ Projects Posted

ArtiWards Take on It

Aspiration is the key to getting success and Adkarlo team is so determined to set their footprints. Previously,it was so difficult for the brands to figure out the best advertising agency but Adkarlo has solved their problem. Stats reveal that they have a promising future ahead.


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