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DocsTub Lets You Upload, Share And Earn Money


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You simply can’t miss this amazing tale of success. Visionaries never fail to surprise this world by bringing mortal’s life to an ease. A success story is taking shape in the form of DocsTub. Let’s dig deeper into their tale.

During college days Vivek used to do blogging and learned how people earn money online using various different ways like ads, affiliate, etc. Then found that there are various no of people online who share documents online via sites like Slideshare but they are never rewarded back with any monetary benefits like youtube does with their content creators.

To provide a platform to all such content creators who share their content in form of documents online, they then made

Vishal and Vivek both are brothers and the third co-founder, Sohail Patel, they know him as they are the mutual friends since few years. They met him via a past project All Startups.

DocsTub is the platform where users can upload the document, share them and earn money out of it.
Millions of people share various kinds of documents (presentations, tutorials, etc) online. In most cases, they are never rewarded for the same.

They want to reward and incentivize all such document contributors. So that they can earn out of their creations. This way the world gets quality content for free and the content creators get paid for the same. They will be earning out of contextual advertisement and will share the revenue with the uploaders.

It is bootstrapped and currently 3 developers & designer salary and server cost is the burn rate.

They are a part of LEAF GLS Incubator. They haven’t approached any investor yet. They are looking for the 1st round of funding and will be approaching investors soon.

The thought that the appropriate medium for research is to ask people as they are the real customers. They surveyed students & professors from different schools and college around Rajkot and different parts of the world before building this platform.

They are trying to acquire users who upload content and trying to get more users who would love to read what they upload on the platform, they realize that a lot of content is available online for free but people can’t access the quality content for free. To do this they are trying to tie up with as many people as possible. They are in correspondence with few big organizations who will help them to get around 1 lakh users and 40-50 thousand eBooks on the platform.

Initially, they are targeting to get more users via tie-ups. They believe “together we can grow faster”.

Currently, they are trying to market themselves via the offline medium like student ambassador programs. Soon they will be launching few online PPC campaigns to drive more users to the platform.

DocsTub is a web 2.0 platform so you can say it’s an internet portal which can be used by any kind of user who wishes to read or write something online. But in the start, they are more focusing on the education sector. As it has the maximum no. of users who read and write a lot online.

Their future plan is to do tie-ups of mutual benefits and get quality content for the users to read. They are looking forward to the massive number of e-books in their store and people to read those books

They have launched 6 months back. And in 3 months they have got around 2.5 lakh page views and around 2 thousand users and 500 eBooks/documents on the platform.

DocsTub is an awesome startup with a very nice concept. Quality content is not something that you get easily but yes DocsTub team is so determined to make the quality content, available for all. There is no doubt, future has so much to share with them.

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