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Communication Becomes Easier With Applozic – Story of Applozic


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Nothing can stop tech lovers from inventing interesting things. Certainly, technology is a blessing for us. Kudos to the young brains who are so determined to etch their tale of success, these young individuals are all set to give their passion a new name in the form of Applozic


After working at Startups like Azuga, Webyog, Xora Devashish started MobiTexter with the friend and Co-Founder Adarsh Kumar. With MobiTexter they simplified the SMS based communication from multiple devices besides mobile but then they started to think around IP messaging. While adding location was simplified by Google and payments by Stripe/BrainTree already, they realized that it wasn’t easy to add real-time messaging with simplicity to any website or mobile apps which is an integral part of any business. This is when they started Applozic.


Co-Founder and CEO: Devashish Datt Mamgain

Co-Founder and CTO: Adarsh Kumar Mishra

Devashish Datt Mamgain, Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from G.B.Pant Engineering College

Adarsh Kumar Mishra, Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from Heritage Institute Of Technology


Applozic offers white label native SDK’s for real-time chat/messaging on mobile and web applications. Applozic’s innovative platform enables the users with WhatsApp like in-app rich messaging with push notifications, message broadcast, cross application communication and SMS/Email fall back for offline situations.

Think about any type of conversation (1 to 1, 1 to many, group chat, context based chat, application to user messaging….) and you have it all with Applozic along with rich insights and analytics through Dashboard.


They have received 100K USD  seed fund as angel investment. They have used this investment to add resources and build their platform at speed.


Their primary market research is through

  1. Focus groups gathering a sampling of potential clients or customers and getting their direct feedback
  2. Interviews with targeted audience group
  3. Conduct product and documentation tests
  4. Explore new ideas and use cases through hackathons

Their secondary research being analyzing published data that helped them identify and compete for similar business, establish benchmarks and identify target segments, initial sales, and customer acquisition strategies.


They had MagicBricks as the early adopter. They have been focussing into online marketplaces and businesses into Dating services, On-demand delivery services, Community building, Online events and Social networking & Marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers as they had strong use cases and had amazing ROI. Their strategy to cater into these segmented business sections has helped us a lot.


“We have the developer-centric approach and as such, we have our SDKs, API  and UI kits in open source so businesses can build what they want. We help our customers solve their problem. This also helped us finding our product advocates in our customers and developers”, says Adarsh

Besides the standard product marketing approach that we all know of, they have also experimented with off track channels and platforms to put forward our brand. They offer special plans for Startups and open source contributors.


Any internet business can basically use their platform to communicate with their customers but their platform is best fit for Travel/Tourism/Leisure and destinations platforms, Matchmaking and Dating services, On-demand delivery services, Community building and group chat, Online events and Social networking, Marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers, lawyer – advice seekers, recruiters – job seekers and so on… so basically almost any business segment.


Along with IP messaging that enables communication of almost any form, they offer SMS and Email fallback for now but they are also launching Audio/Video calling by the end of this month. They would become a one stop shop to offer a complete end to end communication solution for businesses from Startups to SMEs and Enterprises.

They are soon expanding their team in the US and more resources at Bangalore office.


They have just crossed 100+ customers and it has been an amazing journey so far. They are profitable already with ~ 25% growth month over month.

They have hundreds of businesses engaged with them, some are at idea share the stage and some at building POC but mostly into integration already increasing their MoM growth rate.


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