startup style
Anshumaan Vishnu and Divya Gupta, Co-founders, Startup Style

There’s merchandise store for Movie Buffs, there’s merchandise store for Google followers, there’s merchandise store for magicians and there’s even a merchandise store for Rajnikant fans. So, why entrepreneurs should leave behind. Sadly till date, none of the online stores caters to the needs of an entrepreneur.

Anshumaan Vishnu, Manik and Divya Gupta are filling this gap through their new venture called Startup Style. When one of their colleagues was searching for some merchandise to gift to her fellow colleague, she was unable to find a solution. While you can find some stuff on Amazon and other stores like Bewakoof, but they cater to a wide audience and you have to search a lot to find the perfect product. Manik is the COO and handles all the day to day operations of the startup.

Anshumaan and Divya are also the co-founders of startup media portal Dropout Dudes. They believe in bootstrapping and have invested their life savings into his new venture. However, the interesting fact is that the root of the venture goes back to 2013. With a blurred idea in mind and no business plan, they intuited that they have to cater to this space.

Startup Style is possibly India’s first merchandise store for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers and freelancers etc. “We style startups and entrepreneurs!” as the company say. Founded in October this year, the startup is getting a good response from the entrepreneur community. They are already getting close to 35-40 order every week.
The most challenging part for the team was to attain the perfect quality and design for the products. With days of market research, the team has successfully cracked the demand and has designed the merchandise accordingly. They are planning to grow the platform into a one-stop destination for entrepreneurs.
The store currently sells products like T-Shirts, Mugs, Notebook and Badges. “Quality is important to us – we’ll only use the best paper, the most vibrant ink, and only the softest of t-shirts. If there’s one thing we stand behind, it’s the quality of the stuff we print,” the website claims.


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