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2015 & 2016 witnessed an evolution in the startup economy of India. Many students coming out from different colleges in the hope to create something new. It could be a headache to start a company if you are new in the entrepreneurial world.

Aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know how to register a company, create a viable product or growth hack their startup. Questions like how to reach the target audience and how to satisfy customers always create a woe in the minds.

The Formation Of Startup Delhi

In September 2015, Abhishek Kumar Gupta started a Facebook Group as a platform to bring like-minded people under one roof. The aim was to create a cross channel to connect entrepreneurs who can share their knowledge and help each other grow.

Abhishek says “Back then, we were just a Facebook group with a vision to connect entrepreneurs with other meaningful people who have the required experience. Slowly, the community started to grow with people asking me questions on how to start a company, how to get funding, whom to approach for mentorship.”

Life Of Abhishek Kumar Gupta

Having worked with Media, Fintech, Edtech startup for 3+ years after quitting his job in December 2015, he started building Let Startups and Startup Delhi (A Facebook group}.

With the aim to help startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, innovation nazi – talk, discuss ideas, post job titles and internships, Abhishek started Startup Delhi.

Current Scenario of Startup Delhi

Today Startup Delhi is a well grown Facebook Group of more than 34,000 members. Abhishek has registered the group under Let’s Hustle Pvt Ltd as an independent company.

Startup Delhi organizes various events in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai to discuss topics like crowdfunding, hiring the right candidate, raising funds, and finding the right co-founder for your startup.

Startup Delhi organizes meet ups every week to ensure maximum benefits to the group members. This enables the members to get a space to meet fellows in person, and share knowledge.

He worked with more than 30 startups in some way or other, and helped them grow exponentially. Abhishek is also closely working on mentoring some startups and helping a few others raise funds.

“If anyone wants to open a co-working space, I help them with the infrastructure, engagement, functioning, etc. If anyone need PR, I can help them with it too.,” says Abhishek who is currently freelancing to raise funds and is also preparing to start his own venture soon.

Join the group here.



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