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A decade ago, opening a digital business in India was a daunting and expensive affair. Apart from the expensive setup costs, the market was not ready to embrace a new approach. From door-to-door adverts, TV commercials and radio announcements the market has revolutionized to a different approach.

Now you can comfortably promote your products on your social media page, search for information on Google, or purchase online in the comfort of your home. In the craze of digital marketing, businesses are spending millions of money to fit in with the trend. Let’s walk through four prominent guidelines you should consider when opening your digital business in India.

Come up with a Strategy

In online marketing, you need to decide on the niche you want to venture into so that you can easily target your market. Incorporate a few traditional marketing strategies with the digital ones before the business picks. For instance, you can print hard copy brochures but still include the content on your website.

Make an Online Presence

Start by creating a domain for your company and ensure that it matches your brand name. Sometimes, if your chosen domain is not available, you can get something closer to it. Create and engage with your potential customers on various social media platforms.

Based on your niche, you can select the platform that is relevant to your brand. For instance, if you want to open a betting company; this online gambling startup in India mentions is not easy. In an interview with us, co-founder Jimmy has shared details of the road to success. Be prepared. Simplify it by creating welcoming content to the target market you want to reach. If you manage to attract your potential clients, that’s a plus for future sales.

Concentrate on Brand Building

The main focus of improving your brand is to stand out from your competitors. Start with simple things like creating a logo, content creation on your website, or email marketing. Do not spend a lot of money in the beginning. As your business grows, you will assign a budget to improve your strategies.

Print business cards and make a habit of giving them out everywhere you go from the malls, parking lots to the conference centers. You can add some flyers and share more information about your company. Do not forget to include your online details for people to peruse later.

Through your digital platforms, you can also share your testimonials and positive words from your employees. If your workers are happy and comfortable working for you, customers will have faith in you.

Create a Core Network

If you desire to succeed in your online business real fast, teamwork is a must. The evolution of digital marketing is happening rapidly and you need to have a team with the know-how at the fingertips. Each one of them should be an expert in their fields.

For instance, if you hire a social media executive, he/she should have expertise on various platforms that your business can benefit from. Below is a list of employees you can hire to enhance your online presence.

  • Media Experts

While your brochures may lead people to your website, not all of them will read the entire content. That’s why you need to hire graphic designers to professionally add visual images and videos to engage them more. You can use the same content on your social media platforms too.

  • Online Sales Executives

One of the main business achievements is to promote their brand and manage to get customers out of it. For repeat success, you need to come up with a team of experienced sales executives to enhance your brand presence in terms of sales and traffic.

  • Content Writer

Even if you manage to get the best sales team and media experts, without a creative content writer, you will not manage to get a breakthrough. Get a writer who will create enticing content with significant keywords to draw people to your page. If possible, get a team of writers who can share diversified content that will convert your website visitors to customers.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing has evolved optimistically for the last ten years in India. It is a challenge for a new online business to make a presence in a sea of superior competitors. However, with different online platforms available, you can start small from some of them and still make a kill.


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