Evan Spiegel
Credits - The Economic Times

While many of Indian parents would blame Snapchat for keeping their kids stick to their phones for a very long time, the messaging app’s founder Evan Spiegel himself limits his son from using the phone, the media reported. The 28-year old entrepreneur and CEO of Snapchat only allow his stepson Flynn to use a smartphone for 90 minutes in a week, The Sunday Times reported. “My parents enforced a no-TV policy until I was almost a teenager,” Spiegel said.

Evan married Australian model Miranda Kerr. Flynn is Miranda’s son from her marriage to actor Orlando Bloom. Evan Spiegel, the person with a $1.4 billion fortune can be credited to revolutionize the selfie culture. And he is not alone in limited the screen time for his kids at home.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple also never let his kids use the iPads at home. In an interview with The New York Times, he said that he limits how much technology his kids us at home. In an interview to The Mirror, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft said that he has some strict rules set up to regulate how his three kids grew up. He has limited the use of cell phones until the age of 14, banned using cell phones at the dinner table and set limits on using smartphones at bedtime.

Research has proved that using social media for a long time can lead to depression and loneliness. A study, published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, showed that limiting screen time on these apps could boost one’s wellness.


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