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Microsoft SharePoint has been simplifying collaboration and task management for two decades now. It has redefined the way businesses manage crucial tasks and increased efficiencies for businesses beyond measure.

This post discovers how you can simplify your startup business functions with SharePoint online using the main features.

Everything on the cloud

The best part about SharePoint online is that all data and updates of your startup business are stored on the Microsoft cloud. Management can access everything happening in the company, even from their cloud mobile phone apps.

The mobile version of SharePoint allows you to access all the features, including editing documents, sharing them, making changes in access, creating new teams in sites, and much more. You can access the same dashboards from a laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Passing on instructions for a team and taking updates on the progress of a particular project is a click away.


SharePoint offers a plethora of customizations for sites that you create for every department or team. You can customize the sections, colors, backgrounds, members, access, and practically everything else.

Companies that opt for Microsoft SharePoint online services and training can further leverage the software’s abilities with the best Industry practices and hacks.

The look and feel can be changed to suit your team’s goals and in a manner that makes it pretty convenient for you to keep track.

Project functionality for project management

SharePoint is one of the most used and effective projects management tools. The project functionality features allow you to assign tasks and create deadlines for users, along with milestones.

A timer and calendar can be integrated, so it becomes easier for everyone to track the progress. Keeping track of the turnaround times will ensure that you do not miss out on any deadlines.

Sharing with members and third party

Sharing with SharePoint is a breeze as you can create a shareable link with the specific permissions with one click.

You can easily select the type of access to make sure that you are giving limited access to outsiders who can collaborate or edit documents only if you want them to.


The e-discovery feature in SharePoint online allows you to find specific content or documents across all the sites and folders.

This is an extensive search that even includes the conversations that have been taking place within teams.


SharePoint offers seamless integrations with all Microsoft products and many third-party products. You can access everything from one window and increase the efficiency of your team.

Some of the examples of integrations you can do are –

  • Microsoft Word to edit, comment, author, and share word files seamlessly
  • Microsoft Excel to create, edit and comment on spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Power Automate to create flows and automate notifications to team sites and particular members. You can create automatic flows for things like leave permissions, approvals, and much more than that
  • Microsoft Power BI to get insights from the data produced by different processes will help improve systems in the on-premise version of the software. These can then be viewed in the online version so you can take action on these insights.

SharePoint Home

The SharePoint home is one place where you can access all your team and communications sites in one place.

All the recent activity in all the teams and sites is displayed in one window to analyze everything and devote your time to the areas that need the most amount of attention.


SharePoint is full of numerous themes that you can activate to change your sites’ colors and UI in a click. All these themes are made with engaging UI and features that help increase efficiency.

You no longer have to spend time creating everything and customizing it to get a working environment.

Drag and drop features

This is one of the best features of SharePoint in which you can drag and drop images, documents, and other resources on team sites. This feature is included to make the software experience user-friendly for users who do not have prior experience working with SharePoint.

Web Analytics

SharePoint online has an internal data analytics feature called web analytics. This feature takes data from all the updates happening within the software and presents you with analytics about progress and patterns.

This is highly useful while analyzing the areas to work on and identifying the processes that work the best. With this, you won’t have to collaborate with hundreds of tools and get the necessary information internally.

Site templates

Just like themes, the site templates help you to create templates with a predefined UI and UX. These are the best templates that you can use instantly.

You can easily initiate the calendar feature and allocate timelines with the tasks that you create in sites to start working instantly.

My tasks

The ‘My tasks’ feature shows you all the tasks that every team member is working on. These tasks are a combination of SharePoint, web apps, and Microsoft Outlook.


With the right approach and outlook, you can significantly increase your efficiencies with SharePoint online.

Choose it today and start by building your first site and inviting teammates, and you will witness the convenience as you will be able to handle all your startup business directly from your mobile phone!


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