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The era of internet of things (IoT) is upon us; and Silvan Innovation Labs has taken it a step further in the Home Automation space by integrating voice command function through Amazon Echo, which means all of their products can be controlled and operated through simple voice command using Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is the world leader in voice recognition and has sold over 11 million devices word-wide. With the wake word ‘Alexa’ the cloud connected home automation system will help you turn appliances on and off.

Customers can now control multiple home gadgets using simple voice commands, like locking or unlocking the main doors, switching off the gas or air conditioners, drawing curtains, managing music systems or lighting systems.

With the increase in the standard of living, awareness and internet penetration in the country, the demand for home automation is gradually increasing. Research has shown that the home automation market is forecasted to reach INR 880000 Crore by 2017 in India.

Speaking about the collaboration with Amazon, Mr Avinash Gautam, CEO, Silvan Innovation Labs, said, “Voice is the next big thing in home automation and enables much more intuitive and handsfree interface with your home, thus taking its convenience to a completely different level and ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefit easily. I believe Amazon Echo is one of the best voice recognition devices that have been made available to us currently, and we are happy to offer our system with that to our customers. The Indian home automation market is still at the beginning stage but it is running towards the finish line incredibly fast, and we are proud to have come this far even though the market is very competitive and challenging.”

Silvan Innovation Labs Private Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in India in the builder driven home automation space; it has also launched its consumer products for retrofit homes. Silvan’s founding team comprises veterans from the electronics industry in India with several decades of senior leadership experience in India and abroad.

With a strong team of 110 people, Silvan has developed products which are orchestrated specifically for the Indian lifestyle and has quickly made a name as one the most trusted companies in this domain with leading developers adopting its solutions as a default specification in their properties.

Silvan was recognized as Red Herring’s Top 100 Asian Companies in 2011 and 2016 and is a R&D Center recognized and funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Others investors in Silvan include The Chennai Angels and Infuse Ventures. For more information, please access


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