Silexica, the industry leader in multicore software design automation addressing complex, multicore platforms, today announced they have completed an $8 million Series A round of financing.

Merus Capital led the investment round with participation from new investor Paua Ventures as well as current investors Seed Fonds Aachen and DSA Invest.

Silexica will use the funding to expand its engineering capacity to quickly adapt the technology to additional market segments and strengthen its international presence.

Although Silexica is only two years old, it has enjoyed rapid adoption of its SLX Tool Suite. The software tools use a compiler paradigm to analyze code coupled with a deep understanding of how hardware platforms behave with actual production workload.

Global customers like Huawei and Fujitsu are already using these solutions and companies across multiple industries are now embracing the SLX Tool Suite.

“It’s clear that as Dennard’s Scaling Law breaks down, the computing industry must embrace heterogeneous and specialized multicore designs. To fully exploit this change requires a wholesale shift to concurrent software development and design automation. Silexica’s unique technology enables software and hardware designers and developers to maximize utilization, optimize for various design goals and to deal with issues of ‘dark silicon’ and other upcoming challenges of the multicore era,” said Salman Ullah, Managing Director of Merus Capital, a leading Silicon Valley venture fund focused on early stage enterprise companies.

He added that, “Silexica is a perfect reflection of Merus Capital’s strategy, investing in real software solving real problems.”

“Silexica’s world-class team has uniquely delivered disruptive software tools to address complex multicore designs and software problems. We look forward to partnering with Silexica as they help their customers improve the quality of their products and dramatically reduce time to market,” said Georg Stockinger, Partner at Paua Ventures.

“We are excited to work with such experienced investors who understand our products and share our vision. As we penetrate markets where demand for high performance computing is thriving, such as Wireless Baseband, Autonomous Driving, and Embedded Vision, the SLX Tool Suite will be the critical component in driving the next wave of multicore design adoption,” said Johannes Emigholz, COO of Silexica.


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