SCULPERE is aiming to become India’s first Hand-Made Luxury Brand 1Have you ever been to a tailor to get a perfect suit for yourself? And did you get the perfect fit? I do not. And I am sure that most of you did not. Every person has a different body shape where regular customized ad tailored or ready to wear services face major fitting issues. There are other factors that cause this problem like lack of proper customer involvement and interaction. As a customer, one finds it difficult to visit again and again to finally get the desired fit.

No Worries! SCULPERE is here for you.

Founded by Deepak Sharma in 2018 and managed by a team of IITians and NIFTians, the fashion startup believes in providing the real essence of a handcrafted suit experience, which is exquisite and over-whelming to the core. With a perfect touch of extraordinaire, the products manufactured by SCULPERE speak of manifestos of cultural emancipation.

Owned and managed by Manom Luxury Retail Pvt. Ltd, SCULPERE’s aim is to redefine the stagnant and ill-fitting suit culture in India with an innovative approach.

So, how did Deepak got the idea?

Deepak Sharma, Founder

Well! Being a graduate in Fashion Design and Post Graduate in Retail management, Deepak worked as an ex-product manager at Raymond & Aditya Birla Group for more than 7 years.  With these seven years of personal experience and researches based on interaction with many customers, he found that existing retail custom tailoring services are inefficient. They use a standard set of patterns in size set to achieve the desired fit, which is somehow unsatisfactory.

So, with a vision to be globally recognized for its world-class handmade products and services, he decided to launch SCULPERE to resolve all the odds.  Deepak wishes to turn SCULPERE a world-class institution of suit makers.

SCULPERE is expecting revenue of about INR 2.6 crores by the next financial year by focusing on a client base of businessmen, top corporate executives and industry leaders who believe in authenticity.

What’s so special about SCULPERE?

SCULPERE believes in the highest customer satisfaction. As a result, they ensure regular interaction with customers to understand their exact needs and fulfil their desires to exclusivity, fit and comfort. Each and every piece is crafted by hand ensuring a maximum finish.

The startup provides end-to-end client meetings to discuss the customer’s preferences. Each suit is then handcrafted with a true fit to the core.

SCULPERE source materials and products from all over the globe and the final product are made by hand in India. Fabrics are sourced from world-class Italian mills including SCABAL, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna, Drago & Thomas Mason, Albini etc. whereas they use German quality interlinings and canvas for superior performance.

And it’s bootstrapped

Deepak has bootstrapped the startup to date. It was difficult to finding the right craftsmanship to ensure maximum quality. The headquarters are located near Marathahalli Varthur Road in Bengaluru. SCULPERE is expecting to launch its first flagship store cum Hand-Made suit experience zone in Indiranagar Highstreet in Bengaluru.

They received positive support and funds from friends and family in their initial days. SCULPERE is also planning to raise equity funding from venture capitalists in the upcoming days.

The startup will also launch its men’s wear wardrobe line including Suitings and accessories and plans to acquire the market for Hand-Made Suits.

About the Industry

Men’s wear segment in India is growing at a rapid pace. The size of the market for luxury goods is INR 30,000 crores. Apparel segment contributes 20-25 per cent to the total market with the size being INR 5,950-7,700 crores. The market for bespoke clothing stands at INR 1,820 crores which are growing at an impressive 15-20 per cent CAGR.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, and want a customized hand-made suit for your next event, you can contact SCULPERE via their website. You can also get in touch with them on their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


  1. The idea behind the concept is really great. The convenience along with luxury handmade exclusivity is the need for customers today. Really liked the service and would like to know more about it!!


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