CONSTANT ‘Technological shift’ is the norm in any business. However, in the current world “pace of change” has accelerated which is presenting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  with an unprecedented range of options to help drive growth while staying resilient and responsive to customer’s demands.

While this serves as a rising opportunity for SMEs it is turning out to be the major potent threat as well. Technology is being guarded as one of the toughest problems in propelling and spurring the growth for SMEs. Finding and implementing the right technological solutions is very challenging therefore, smaller firms may feel reserved to seize the opportunities. But if they do, then this acts as the guiding light to the success story of any SME business.

Similar is the success story of online lending platform CashSuvidha. Rather than being resilient about shifts in new technology, CashSuvidha is minting a successful enterprise out of it.

Their passionate team is working on a technology through which we can obtain results real time, which includes Social Scoring, E_KYC, Human behavior, Credit Bureau CIBIL & Equifax. Team at CashSuvidha is also working on “Single App”, which would not only be very comprehensive but would also encompass all what a person needs to raise funds. This app includes a real time scoring based on a model that calculates Social Scoring & human behavior.

Along with leashing on to their strong techno group, they have tied up with organizations like ShubhLoan ,krazyBee, Digilend, Rupeelend &  Intellecap to provide access of hassle free finance to women and take the market of personal and payday loans forward. Interestingly one of the most cherished reason for success has been their work with the fresher and new employees. The team has been able to harness the power of these young people by providing them with hands on experience and contributing tirelessly in their personal growth and organizational growth as well.

Success story is one but reasons and efforts behind it are just immense. Team is leaving no stone unturned and has not taken a sigh of relief. They want to take their technological built to reach to over 100,000 borrowers and provide them with easy credit at competitive rate of interest.


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