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Search engine optimization or SEO is important for all businesses to have nailed down from the beginning. What many company owners miss is the local SEO. They imagine if they are practising in global SEO, placing high on Google, that their local customers will find them.

What if your business is local to a wider market? SEO in China is not considered local, but to the customer in China, it is. China does not have Google; therefore, they would not know about your business and won’t be able to order from you. Their explanation to not have Google is weird and you should check it out.

Below are 7 golden laws of local SEO to help get your business noticed by a local, yet wider audience.

Customize Strong Pages

Customize pages for larger groups of potential customers yet targeting local audiences can be difficult. You will need to be careful with this as you want unique content with a positive city and keyword combination. Many businesses place calendars and upcoming events on their websites to bring in more local consumers.

Hiring a skilled SEO content writer is ideal as they will have the time and skills to research different targeted area for your products and services. You want individual pages, but they should each be high-quality. Do not publish thin, weak pages because they will not get noticed for the right reasons or noticed at all.

Remain Fresh

A blog will help you remain fresh. Updating a blog with new content as often as possible will help your website to remain near the top of all search engines. Ask experts and others with valuable knowledge to guest post on your page’s blog. You could also do a weekly or monthly exchange post with someone who has similar items or information your customers and their consumers would enjoy reading.

Blogs will keep your content new and serve as a library, when archived, for material new customers may be searching for. A lot of blog owners user article spinner to create content for their websites.

Use Testimonials

People value other customers opinions of something they are interested in purchasing or a service they need. Using testimonials on your web page not only gives new customers an idea of what your services and products are like, but they also boost ranking in SEO.

If you have a bad review, but were able to fix the issue, include this in your testimonials. This will give potential customers a sense that you are human, and make mistakes, but are willing to correct them to make your customers happy. The customer will detail what happened and you can provide the step-by-step on what procedures you took to correct the mistake.

Testimonials give new and potential customers a look at how well you interact with your current customers. Plus, the fact someone is willing to take the time to offer their opinion of you and your business says a lot about you.

You also have the last say in what goes on your webpage. You have every right to edit a testimonial as long as you don’t change its meaning.

Seek Reviews

Like testimonials, product reviews can make or break a search engine query. No matter if the review is good, which is preferred, or the review is of poor quality, be sure a review listed on your page is organic.

An organic review is one that is verified that the individual writing the review has actually purchased that item from you. Using paid reviewers is not a good idea because many search engines have built-in algorithms to detect a fake and/or glorified reviews.

Video and Photos

Photographs of items you offer, as well as videos, count as content. Videos can be used when documented in words as SEO. Instructional videos are often searched for when individuals want to do something themselves rather than pay an expert to perform a task.

When constructing a “how to” video, use easy, clear steps, and don’t talk too fast. Make sure to edit the video to remove all the pauses and false starts.

By offering expert help, you will become known as a business that helps customers. Those businesses that don’t want to show a “how to” video, and only want the business, become known as a place to avoid.

And remember, if a consumer tries a DIY project and does not succeed, they will turn to an expert. That would be the expert that showed them how to do the project in the first place with an instructional video.

Be sure to use the appropriate labels and keywords when transcribing. This will help with the proper SEO placement on both global and local search engines. Tagging the location will help with local searches.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

Don’t forget to have a strong social media existence. More individuals check social media before they would perform a simple search.

With local SEO, social media may mean a different platform than Facebook and Twitter. For example, in China, they have WeChat, a mobile app; RenRen, the Chinese version of Facebook; and Weibo, their version of Twitter.

China also has their own YouTube channel, which is known as Youku, and DianPing, a Yelp-style website. Other countries use the traditional English/American versions of websites but customizing them in a different language and for a global audience is pretty straightforward.

The number one thing to remember is that 99 per cent of your social media job is not to sell to people, but to help them. Identify what your customers might need, how you can be helpful, and if you can answer any question for them.

Real World

Remember that local also means participation. When you participate in local organizations and fundraisers, you will get noticed as a business that cares.

Build your local brand in the same way you would your online status. Get out and meet your neighbours. Attend conferences, meetings, and celebrations. You could also sponsor an amateur or little league sports team. Bring gifts for your products or useful marketing items.

By participating in local events, you may receive recognition in the local newspapers and local community online sites. As long as it is positive and upbeat, it will help your overall brand.



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