movavi photo editor

Are you a novice but would like to make your photos look professional? Looking for a user-friendly multimedia software application that can be adapted to different devices but not sure how?

Then, look no further! Movavi Photo Editor is the answer to all your problems!

Developed by Movavi, it is a multimedia company that believes in providing user-friendly software applications to format photos and videos that can be easily adapted to different devices in any format.

The Movavi Photo Editor works on both Windows and Mac and has received extensive positive reviews for being highly compact, easily adaptable and has smart and state-of-the-art photo editing abilities. With its advanced and amazing photo editing tools, the application allows the users to add special touches to photos to achieve the finishes of a professional.

The Magic Enhance feature allows the users to enhance the quality of the photos with just a click. It also offers advanced colour correction and precision tools to achieve the finishing and perfection of a professional without it seeming that the photos have been manipulated.

The application provides the users with a variety of filters to choose stylish images, effects, and backgrounds to achieve special effects and fun elements on their photos or to provide a bit of a twist with a “mix and match” background. There are five different ways for frame adjustment to resize, crop, rotate, flip or level the images in any way the user likes.

Backgrounds can be changed to add a bit of fun and magic element in addition to stylish captions that can be positioned (again with the option of playing around with size, rotation, background, colour, outlines, and speech bubbles).

movavi photo editor

Positioned at the top, easy to access and laid out, so the user doesn’t miss out on anything, there is a bar of adjustments that, at first may seem only a little, but has a massive impact on the perfecting of a photo. There is also an option to undo a certain configuration as well as an option to see from the original photo, how much a user has bettered his/her photo.This can be seen by selecting ‘Before/After.’ It is logical as well as useful because the user will not need to begin tweaking photos from scratch.

Neatly lined up on the side of the picture in the process of getting perfected are a selection of backgrounds that can make any photo unorthodox and unique. From ‘Night scene’ to ‘concert,’ ‘illuminated room’ to ‘faint Lamplight,’ the users will be spoiled for choice and will enjoy applying all the options until satisfied with one that perfects an image. In addition to default presets, the users will be given a choice of custom presets where they will be allowed to customize their choice of backgrounds to fit the image in editing.

Along the bottom of the page are options to zoom in on the photo so that when tweaking the photo, the users can fix minor details such as lighting or colour. To the right-hand side of the bottom bar, the application informs the readers on the size of the photo (a * b). Moving along, after satisfied with the improvements made to an image, the users may save as well as share on Facebook, a social networking website where others will come across this magical photo editor and use it to perfect their photos.

This application also allows the users to remove unwanted elements from their photos by simply erasing them. This feature is definitely useful as sometimes, our ideal photos include elements which while clicking, are unavoidable but need to be removed to achieve the desired finish. The photo editor identifies the potential unwanted object(s) and provides the users with various options for erasing them.

There are different ways of experimenting with the backgrounds of the photos. It even gives the option of an ideal makeover by removing unwanted blemishes and wrinkles, scars, and fine lines. Fantasies of such happenings can finally come true (In photos of course! *Sigh*) with the help of this essential tool. There is even an option to change eye colour, lip colour and hair colour with just one click. Mascara, foundation, eyebrow pencil, teeth whitening can all be applied by this virtual wonder.

Has it ever happened that, when you are about to click on a photograph and everything is perfect, suddenly the sun goes behind the clouds making the almost ideal photograph turn out dark and gloomy?

Again, this amazing application has got you covered. The crazy result from the background effects can indeed throw light on the darkest photo. Shadows and highlights both help the image achieve this magnificence and also makes a photo more realistic when given false lighting. Tones can be given or changed as well as blurred and sharpened.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today, explore all the fascinating features and achieve your dream photo finishes like a pro!


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