The Pediatric Network Launches TPN Mobile App

the pediatric network

The Pediatric Network is an alternate child health support program, aimed to simplify and ensure a secure and healthy life for each and every child.

With an aim to provide a secure and healthy life for children across India by changing the way pediatricians treat children, Dr. Chaitali Laddad has launched The Pediatric Network and now is taking her next step in the form of ‘TPN mobile app’.

Paving the pathway for parents across India to take informed decisions when it comes to their child’s health, TPN app is a mix of online and offline tools. The focus of the network is to digitize pediatric clinics across the country.

Today, mobility solutions are the most effective way to connect with target audience in almost all verticals and healthcare is no different. An app based on pediatric healthcare that addresses personal preferences of the individual is a crucial offing.

Having authentic first hand information will help in taking timely information in case of an epidemic or otherwise and this important information can be customized depending on the health record of the individual. All this and more are possible thanks to the ‘TPN Parent App’ that provides multiple ways of user experience.

Although information is available on both the online TPN health platform and on the app, the app has an upper hand. Owing to its usage on the mobile platform, the ‘TPN App’ provides easy accessibility to the required data.

The ‘TPN App’, provides users with interesting features including storing medical records online, connecting with doctors digitally, alerts for taking medicines, 24 x 7 access of the portal doctor, creating digital health profile, milestone guidance as per age and finally diseases based guidance.

The digital health profile designed by professional pediatricians are better than just storing records as it shows all results in one go, thereby the doctor not missing on any important record while checking the reports.

“We envisage that the ‘TPN App’ will be a popular download among people, because of its comprehensive way of empowering the user. They are provided with timely help from the health practitioners and the TPN services. Users can download the app for free and avail use of basic features. Advanced features have a fee attached that will help us support the operation from App downloads,” says Dr. Chaitali Laddad, Founder and Director, The Pediatric Network.

Currently, child specialists across Mumbai have welcomed this initiative with close to 200 pediatricians and 5000 paid members being a part of this network. These pediatricians are provided online and onsite training by the TPN professionals to adjust with the digitalized clinic.

The Paediatric Network (TPN) is founded by Pediatrician’s Dr. Atish Laddad and Dr. Chaitali Laddad and is run by a team of professionals. The project started with an objective of creating a positive change in Child Healthcare eco-system by integrating a network of Paediatricians to service their clientele on a digital platform.

TPN bridges the gap between what is available today and what can be availed for the betterment of society, particularly for children. By enrolling into TPN, a child will be more closely monitored by medical professionals. This program will help parents, especially working parents, to be at ease as challenges in health pattern will be observed at the initial stages and necessary actions can be taken before it is too late.

TPN’s software and the mobile app has been developed under the supervision of Mr. Ravindran Jaju an Alumni of IIT, Bombay. The off line healthcare deliverables are taken care by a team of Paediatricians catering to parents woes at any time of the day. Along with this, the Business management on a day-to-day basis is handled by a team of experienced professionals.

Source – BWI


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