oyo launches townhouse

Mumbai, Jan 24 (PTI) : Online budget network of hotels OYO today announced the launch of Townhouse, which is positioned as a friendly neighbourhood hotel, and is eyeing 250 properties in 12 cities by end of this year.

“Townhouse will operate as a hotel, community hotspot, cafe and merchandise store to deliver an all-encompassing experience to guests. We are excited to showcase and deliver this proposition today,” OYO Founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal said in a release issued here.

“We are looking at 250 properties with over 10,000 rooms across 12 cities in India by end of 2017,” Agarwal added.

“We are confident that our guests will love the experience of these tastefully done properties staffed with OYO Townhouse Managers trained to deliver authentic and unique Townhouse service. This launch marks a milestone in our journey towards the next level of hospitality,” Agarwal said.

Founded in 2013, OYO operates 7,000 hotels and 70,000 rooms in over 200 Indian cities and Malaysia.

These include major metros, regional hubs, top leisure destinations as well as pilgrimage towns.


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