car cover buying guide

Your car is probably one of your most valuable investments, so it pays to protect it. Shielding it not only retains your beautiful paint job, but it can also help to maintain its value. Unfortunately, most people don’t have garage space available for their vehicles. Although not as safe as a garage, a good car cover protects better than leaving your vehicle out in the elements. In addition to bad weather, the cover will protect your vehicle against incursions like debris, tree sap, even vandalism. Before deciding if a car cover is right for you, it’ll pay you to investigate all the available options.

Car Cover Materials 101

First, you need to determine where your car will primarily be parked, indoors, or outdoors. Indoor car covers are customarily made of lighter materials (e.g., polypropylene or satin) than ones designed for outdoors. They’re mainly used for protection against dust or other particulates like pollen that tend to drift around a garage. These covers won’t hold up well outdoors.

Outdoor car covers are made to protect a car against the sun and many other outdoor threats. They need to be much more durable than indoor covers. Protecting a car from UV rays is important, so many higher-quality covers are made of reflective polyester material. These covers are often lined with fleece, which is less abrasive than other materials. This helps to protect a car’s paint further. A quality cover will also use rubber grommets, which are safer for your paint than the metal variety.

Part of protecting your car from the elements is protecting it from trapped moisture. Make sure that the cover’s fabric is breathable. Moisture trapped under the cover can damage the paint job. Even totally waterproof covers can’t completely keep water from making its way underneath the cover. You might also try some fast-drying Ford floor mats; they better protect the interior of your vehicle from lingering moisture that can cause mildew growth while it’s covered.

How To Properly Install a Car Cover

One of the most important considerations regarding a car cover is the size. Most people purchase car covers to protect their paint. However, if you’re not careful, they can sometimes do just the opposite. When looking for a cover, make sure it fits your car correctly. The durability of a typical outdoor cover usually means that it’ll fit slightly looser than an indoor cover. A cover that fits properly is also less likely to fly off in high winds. Get one that has tie straps to tie it to your car for better security. You can also get cables and locks. Do some internet research to find covers made specifically for your car’s year, make and model, such as 1999 Ford Mustang car covers. This will ensure a snug-fitting, better quality cover, meaning better protection.

If you’re worried about keeping your vehicle out in the harsh elements, a car cover could be what you need. An online search for a reputable car cover company can reveal many great selections for the best car cover, even the best tire cover. Now, take to the open highway with your car looking its best.


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