Sushil Narsian, a Mumbai-resident was on his way from Mulund West to Vakola Market when he thought of taking a cab for the distance. He booked Ola but his phone stopped working as the driver approached the pickup spot. He tried to look for the cab. But the driver had the ride canceled by then.

He tried to book another cab, but something on the screen blew his mind. Ola wasn’t letting him book another cab because his outstanding bill was ₹1,49,10,51,648. Yes! that’s around ₹149 crores. However, it was 1st April and Narsian had an intuition about being pranked by the cab-aggregator.

And there are reasons for being intuitive. Ola has a track record of some successful and hilarious pranks. In 2015, the company had announced the launch of OlaAir, a helicopter cab service. And last year, in 2016, Ola said that it had tied up with Oyo to create something called Ola Rooms. This year, the company announced the launch of OlaWheels, a segway-like service which would ferry people around corporate offices.

Narsian called the customer service and for your information, it was not at all a prank. The transaction was reversed in 2 hours which was due to a technical bug in the app. And Ola also offered him with a coupon for the inconvenience he faced. The coupon code was the same number as of the amount charged.

However, in September last year, Ola charged a Hyderabad resident ₹9 lakhs after a ride and days later the company invoiced another customer for ₹83,000. Despite the amount were reversed, it is for sure that the app has had some bugs in the past. Hope, the company has removed the error-causing bugs.