ola and fynd

Cab aggregator Ola and Fynd (fashion e-commerce marketplace) collaborates to bring about some innovation in the shopping experience while travelling. You can expect shopping on the go, while you enjoy your cab ride.

The same was announced on Fynd’s official Facebook page. Farooq Adam, the co-founder at Fynd updates the same on his Facebook profile.


Farooq Adam, co-founder at Fynd says “At Fynd, we are constantly looking to take the shopping experience beyond the traditional internet distribution channels — web and app stores. We were one of the earliest adopters of bot enabled shopping by launching Fify on Facebook Messenger.”

“A few weeks back, the kind folks at OlaCabs invited us to their Bangalore HQ to show us how they are building the next-generation of in-cab rider experience — they wanted a partner to bring fashion in the cab, and we happily agreed.” Farooq Adam adds.

It seems that OLA and Fynd are trying to push the boundaries of retail innovation and over the next few months will push it even further. Exciting times ahead!

The rollout will be happening in a few weeks. We will keep you posted on how/when you can experience this first-hand.


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