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Bengaluru-based robotics startup Nymble Labs has raised undisclosed funds in institutional funding round from Binny Bansal-backed 021 Capital and WaterBridge Ventures along with angel investors Samay Kohli, Akash Gupta, Asha Jadeja Motwani and others. Nymble plans to use the funds to develop its products and accelerate innovation by expanding its technical team as well as expand to China and the US.

“People want to eat fresh food every day and owing to working lifestyles are unable to find time to cook meals from scratch every day of the week. Domestic help is almost non-existent, and delivery charges alone are $6 per meal using services like DoorDash. We want to be the company that people think about when they want to eat fresh food at home,” said Raghav Gupta, Co-Founder at Nymble.

Founded by Raghav Gupta and Rohin Malhotra, the startup was a part of Bosch DNA Accelerator and has received grants from the Government of Karnataka. With the recent funds, Nymble will be conducting a closed set of user trials with its end customers.

“We are excited to partner with Raghav and Rohin on their mission to make fresh food accessible to the time-starved population! This requires a multi-disciplinary approach and really breakthrough innovation, the kind that we at WaterBridge want to support,” said Sarbvir Singh, Managing Partner, WaterBridge Ventures in a statement.

The three-year-old startup is building a cooking robot called Julia. The domestic helping robot uses AI and ML to learn about user taste and can cook most single pot meals including pasta, noodles, and other rice-based dishes. Due to the complexity of spices used in Indian dishes, Julia can handle only eight varieties of vegetables and meats. However, the startup is improving the algorithm.

Using advanced artificial intelligence mechanisms, the robot detects at what heat and temperature a particular ingredient are cooked. In the matter of taste, users can tell Julia if the food is spicy or salty and the machine learning algorithms will start taking the reviews into consideration to cook food based on user’s preferences.

Nymble will launch the product in 2020 in the United States and later in other markets like India. The product will be capable of cooking not less than 150 recipes when launched. Moreover, using IoT users can update recipes just like updating an android app. The robot will get recipes updates every week.


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