Nurturinno Consulting

Indian startups saw $3.5 billion angel and venture capital invested across over 815 deals between Q1-Q3 2016, representing a major decrease in the total deal value from the same period last year. According to YourStory Research, between January and September last year, $7.3 billion was invested across 639 deals. To put it in perspective, 2014 had just 300 VC and angel deals in the entire year.

A startup to help other startups. Isn’t it a cool idea? Amit Verma and Shagun Verma, the couple behind Nurturinno, bootstrapped the company. Nurturinno Consulting  is a business & management consulting company focused on Information Technology companies that are in the early stages as well as sectors such as Information Communication Technology, ITES, Telecom, Electronics and Communication, all in their early stages.

Based in Palampur/Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh the startup was founded back in July, 2014. Amit possess a technical background. An engineer by choice, Amit holds a Mechatronics and Industrial Automation specialization with over more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector. Apart from India, he worked for client base in US, Canada, Australia, UAE, Russia and many European countries.

While his beloved wife Shagun holds a Masters degree in Arts and takes care of the day to day administration of the company. The experience in IT industry and Mechanical & Electronics sector helped both of them nurture the company in the initial days of starting up. Coming to the Eureka moment, the work experience of Amit travels through observation of a lot of startups.

“We have seen many rising entrepreneurs with unique and creative ideas. Due to lack of experience and knowledge in marketing and management, many of them were unable to monetize their ideas into proper businesses and had to eventually drop out of the market. We came up with this initiative which soon turned into a company.” says Amit Verma.

Nurturinno Consulting mainly emphasize on creating business plans for startups helping budding entrepreneurs to create pitch decks and marketing plans. MVP, product development, digital marketing services, business consultancy, cofounder search, internet and intranet solutions including servers, cloud and web space services are the major areas of expertise.

“Our strategy includes, helping the startups in creating a dedicated business model along with it we provide them with a feasible plan and support so they can so that they can sustain in the market. We help them in management and marketing so they can grow and expand their businesses. We see ourselves to support more startups in a year than previous one.” says Shagun Verma.

Word of mouth, again, is the best marketing technique benefitting Amit and Shagun. The quality of work they provide and positive customer testimonials helps them showcase their talent and service. With future plans to set up an incubator and accelerator, they vision to enhance the startup ecosystem in Himachal Pradesh and India as well.

Nurturinno welcomes only unique and eccentric ideas and also an urge in the aspirant business entrepreneur to initiate a form of innovation. Thus, for Nurturinno, the only condition is the Idea’s Altitude. The startup strives to the full possible extent to improve and polish the business idea(s). Aspirant entrepreneurs are given the full picture of the feasibility and possibility of success of their respective ideas in this ultra-competitive world.

Keep innovating, improve your product on regular basis and serve your clients as best as possible. The reason is even though the market is quite competitive these days, but still consumers always look for new, fresh and interesting things. And as per the stats, consumers are satisfied with only 10-20% existing organizations and their work. This is due to lack of freshness. So young minds should don’t put barriers on their thinking capabilities. Come to us with your eccentric and quirky ideas. The rest of the things you can leave to us!