In the month of May, the revolutionary work to connect Delhi’s Dhaulakuan to Gurgaon’s Manesar via Pod Taxi will begin.

While many policies like banning banks to transact into crypto may hurt a lot of tech enthusiasts in India, we are not sure that the announcement of these type of tech construction can help.

Metrino pods are small (car size), fully automatic, driverless vehicles that travel independently suspended under an overhead network of light guideways, 5 to 10m above street level.

No Drivers, No Traffic, Delhi to Gurgaon in a Pod Taxi 7

And it’s no joke.

Central Minister Nitin Gadkari announced in a private function in Gurgaon. that he started receiving tenders for the same.

The taxi will run on wires hanging from elevated towers.

Three companies have filed a tender for the construction. Mr Gadkari said that Government is also planning to launch double-decker buses in the Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Chandigarh routes.

“These buses will have facilities like flights”, he said.

Let’s talk about Pod Taxi. What is it?

No Drivers, No Traffic, Delhi to Gurgaon in a Pod Taxi 8

Pod Taxi is a 4-6 seater automated vehicle which operates without a driver or a conductor. It will function as auto rickshaw in Gurgaon. The most important benefit is that it will have no effect on traffic signals.

The taxi runs on battery. The transport system does not require combustible fuel and hence is environment safe.

Generally, there are two versions of this technology. One runs on the track and another runs on hanging wires.

According to Metrino PRT, “each pod can carry up to five people. All pods, stops and the route network are meant to be monitored by security cameras.”

It is currently operational in countries like Japan.

The taxi is fully self-service with a computer screen. When a traveller enters the pod he has to enter the destination station name on the screen. And the taxi will do the rest.

When the station arrives, the doors open automatically.

The budget allocated for the tech travel system is around INR 5000 Crores. Government plans to initially run 1100 pods and expand gradually. Nitin Gadkari has announced the project last year.

No Drivers, No Traffic, Delhi to Gurgaon in a Pod Taxi 9


Due to Gurgaon’s tight roads and narrow routes, it is impossible to build Metro tracks and startions around many areas. Same is with Delhi. The pod taxi requires little space for infrastructure and thus can provide better connectivity to the internal areas of Delhi and Gurgaon.

A 60 km long PRT corridor will be constructed between Delhi and Gurgaon. Government will initiate the pilot project between Gurgaon’s Rajiv Chowk and Sohna Road and if everything goes well the next construction will be carried out. The pod taxis will run on the corridor.

The fare is expected to be similar to Delhi metro fares. Government will provide 24X7 service, unlike metro which shuts down at the night for maintenance.

Mr Gadkari has earlier announced the construction of 100 corridors across the country. Hilly areas will also witness PRT corridors for better connectivity.


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