You’ve just got a new iPhone, and you’re busy exploring it. You’re scrolling through the new-fangled technology, the latest features, and everything in between. But, have you taken out some time to hit the App Store? Maybe not, but you should!

Now that you have a gazillion apps right ahead of your eyes, you wonder which apps you should download to make your iPhone look great. There are some go-to apps that almost everyone has on their list. Some of these are YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and others- a few to name. Almost everyone has these apps, but what are the less common ones that are sure to improve your iPhone experience, which very few people know about. Quite confused? Well, you shouldn’t be since here’s a guide to consider some gotta-have-it recommendations. Let’s get going:


Now that you’re using an iPhone for the first time, eventually, you’ll realize the need to have different passwords for different websites and apps. Know that 1Password stores all the passwords for you- right from your credit card details to a whole lot more. The best part of this app is that you need to remember only one password for logging in. The process gets even smoother when your iPhone has a Face ID or a Touch ID, and you can log in with a face scan or fingerprint. Apple users vouch for this app as one of the essential password storage iPhone apps


You have many photography apps for your iPhone, but Spectre is one app that provides a cutting edge to all of these. Spectre was named as the “iPhone App of the Year for 2019”. When you’re looking for the best photo managers and editors, Spectre is one of the few that’s earned laurels for allowing the taking of long exposure photo shots. The app uses fancy AI to steady your shot so that it looks sharp and can produce neat shots and effects. For instance, you can make traffic or pedestrians disappear on the streets. This app has an excellent interface, which is fast and intuitive.


Whether you’re trying to shed some weight or live a healthier life, the very first thing that you can do is keep a food journal. Everyone feels the pain of counting nutrients and calories, but MyFitnessPal makes the task just easy. The app has a massive list of common foods that you can scan for adding to your daily count using a barcode scanner. It is an easy-to-use app that keeps track of your diet and lets you know what to drink and eat towards healthy living.


Do you feel the need to secure your internet accounts using two-factor authentication? If yes, then make the most of your iPhone security with the Authy- the app you’d want to use for authentication codes. The app stores and tracks all your authentication codes with complete ease and security.

Get in the iPhone Game

These are some iPhone apps that must be on every iPhone owners’ list. However, there are many more apps that are worth downloading and exploring. If you’re an existent iPhone user who’s reading the article to ensure if you’re reaping the benefits of the latest technology or not, then do enlighten the newbies of other great apps that must be on their list!


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