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Have you ever lost your phone? If you have, you know it’s a nightmare. Your phone is part of your digital identity. You are never very far from it, using it as often as you can. An average phone has a lot of sensitive personal data on it. Things emails, passwords, bank information, private photos, and even your Spectrum Double Play information. All of them can be gone in a flash if you lose your phone or somebody steals it. Wouldn’t you give anything to have it back again? This blog can help.

Ways to Track Your Lost Android Phone

Google Play Store has a large number of apps that can help you track your lost phone. Most of them do this using GPS or cell tower signatures. That’s good, right? Problem solved, right? Not exactly. You see, most people only think about these apps AFTER they have lost their phone. The horse has already bolted, so there is no point in bolting the door. However, if you choose the right settings now, you can help mitigate disaster.

Most tracking apps require your phone to have an active internet connection to track it. You get the most accurate results when your phone connects to a wireless network. But there are other ways as well to track it. This blog explores the following ways to track your phone in case it is lost:

  1. Google Find My Device
  2. Timeline Feature on Google Maps
  3. Automatic Google Photos Backup
  4. Cerberus

Let’s discuss each way to track your phone in more detail.

Google Find My Device

To use Google’s Find My Device feature, your Google account should be logged in your phone. Your phone should also have an internet connection. You should also have allowed Google to track your device in Google Settings. And finally, you must have also allowed Google Find My Device to lock and erase your phone remotely. Google also recently updated its algorithm which allows you to Google “where is my phone” to find its location.

Find My Device is Google’s official tool to help people locate their lost Android devices. It is not a separate app, so you don’t need to download or install anything. All you need is to have your Google account logged in on your phone. Once your phone is on and connected to the internet, you can track its location. Log into your Google Account on your browser and visit the Find My Device webpage. The tool will automatically locate your phone.

Timeline Feature on Google Maps

To use the Timeline feature on Google Maps, you need to be aware of a few things first. You should have your Google account logged in on your phone. You should have allowed Google to collect Location Reporting and Location History data. And finally, your phone should have an active internet connection at its most recent location.

The Timeline feature is not specifically built to track a lost Android device. It stores location data and history so you can see your recently visited places and routes. But if your lost phone had an internet connection enabled, you can use this feature to track it to its most recent location.

Automatic Google Photos Backup

Google Photos has never been a tracking app. It is simply a storage space for your photos and videos. But if you have automatic backup enabled, you can use Google photos to potentially track your lost Android device. Google Photos saves the location of the picture along with the image. However, to use this, your device needs an active internet connection. You should have allowed automatic backup and sync. If the thief took a picture to test your camera, the photo will sync to Google Photos. Along with the photo, you can also get the location where the photo was taken. You can then inform the authorities and have them visit and recover your device.


If you want to act preemptively, download the Cerberus app today. This is an excellent tracking app that has a host of useful features that come in handy when you lose your Android phone. You can track your phone’s location accurately for one thing. You can also secretly record audio or video on your phone to get clues on where it is or who has it. You can take remote pictures of the thief’s face and report him or her to your local authorities. You can even hide the app in your App Drawer so it is hard to locate.

Our phones are part of our everyday lives. We use them for everything from ordering pizza to complaining to Spectrum Customer support. It can be a harrowing experience to lose your smartphone and personal data. Follow the tips above to track your phone in case you ever lose it. Don’t try to recover it on your own though. It is always best to involve the authorities.


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