Let's Work coworking space

New Delhi –March 22nd, 2018:  Let’s Work, the newest co-working space property in Noida, is all set to be inaugurated on April 1st, 2018. What sets this co-working space apart from others is that Let’s Work is already 100% occupied!

Let’s Work is a modern co-working space built on the ethos of cooperation, collaboration, and community. Brought to fruition by Abhishek Kumar Gupta, the enabler of Start-up Delhi and Kushagra Awasthi, founder Furnish Your Dream, Let’s Work comes to Noida, to strengthen the start-up ecosystem, bringing together a network of different and like-minded people to share a common working infrastructure.

Let's Work Coworking Space

The co-working space brings to its clients, best infrastructural facilities set in the finest of the interiors at very competitive prices.  The interiors reflect Kushagra’s expertise and knowledge about creating an inspiring workspace.

The centre, located at Sector 4, though set to be officially launched in April, is already fully occupied with clients like Social Samosa, Brand Bazzoka and Paytm, anchoring their teams at Let’s Work.

On kick-starting this venture, Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Partner, Let’s Work, said “Let’s work is a collaborative effort to strengthen the start-up ecosystem with the combined efforts of using social media platform for awareness or to get things done faster and helping the community to find a job, talent, partner matching etc. At Let’s Work, it’s not just about working together but bringing the right people together. At Let’s Work, we work towards providing all arms support needed by a start-up to motivate their venture.”

Let's Work coworking space

Kushagra Awasthi, Partner, Let’s Work, said “We look beyond what many corporate offices around the world are doing, like simply building open design spaces without integrating a co-working culture. Our corporate co-working strategy framework helps clients determine how to best leverage the dynamic co-working model for their specific business and industry.”

The two partners have plans to build 10 more similar centres by 2019 in 5 cities across India.

About Let’s Work: Located at Noida, Let’s Work resides amongst world-renowned corporations, bringing the start-ups in close proximity to their clientele. A high energy environment, Let’s Work provides each “Huddler” the flexibility to work according to their preference.


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