trivago ad

Trivago, a Germany-based company offers a search engine to hunt and compare hotel prices across more than 56 countries. However, the TV commercial of the MNC has been trolled on Facebook and Quora for a long time. With people commenting around the guy in the ad, saying he is the most irritable man the ad being the most irritable on earth.

I tried searching for the guy and came to know that I am not the only guy hunting for him. Numerous questions had been asked on Quora related to the TVC. Finally, an article was published by Economic Times revealing the man behind the irritating (so called) ad.

Trivago focuses on the concept not to use any familiar faces to convey the brand story. Instead, the faces become familiar because of Trivago. The same was with the Airtel girl (Sasha Chettri), who has been a major topic of conversation among consumers. Unlike Chettri who garnered hate for her omnipresence thanks to a full throttle media burst, the Trivago India man gets hate for being un-model-like, if you will.

The web-research unveils that the guy isn’t a model or actor. He is the Country Development Head (India) of the company residing in Germany. A Quora thread led to the man behind Trivago named Abhinav Kumar. In an email conversation with ET, Kumar has explained how he landed to be the face of Trivago in India.

Initially, he was quite reluctant for the job. The company faced difficulties while searching and casting a model for the commercial. So, the brand marketing head asked Abhinav to be the in the video. Trivago explains that anyone is capable of using the platform to search and book hotels. So, the message was to be conveyed by a common and average person.

trivago ad

However, Kumar is not an average person now. May the life in Germany be quite normal. But, the scene in India is quite different. When he was in Delhi traveling in a cab, the driver recognized him and was surprised that a TV guy was taking a cab to roam.

Also, in a shopping mall in Gurgaon, Kumar stood in the line to pay his bills with a family when the younger boy recognized him saying “Isko TV pe dekha hai”. His parents keep staring at him for a while when they finally recognized Abhinav as the Triago Guy. Though, he did not have the beard and mustache as in the commercial.

Kumar comes from a lower middle-class family in Jharkhand. His family and friends get excited about his appearance on TV. For them, anyone on TV is a star, he says. The commercial was first tested in a closed sample survey, followed by tests on online video campaign before being launched on TV. And now that we all are speaking about it, it seems like it’s working.