Is Marketing More Important Than the Product Itself?

marketing vs product
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It is probably a bit of a conundrum, like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg, as you can’t have marketing without a product and the product is unlikely to sell without creating awareness through marketing.

So the big question to answer is which one is more important?

Here is a look some of the key arguments aimed at suggesting that marketing probably wins the day in order of priority.

Brand and product awareness is fundamental to the success

The hard truth is that you could manage to create the most amazing product that could fly off the shelves when people discover how good it is, but if customers don’t know what you have to offer they are not going to buy.

It is very often the case that it is not always the best available product that achieves the most commercial success, because it tends to lose out to the rival product that is better known, thanks to marketing.

Your ability to write a great marketing proposal template will be a good starting point and if you focus on marketing the product rather than the product itself it should have the effect of creating the level of brand awareness that is often associated with commercial success.

Making e-commerce work for you

With so many people now searching for and buying products online it is clearly critical to the success of your product that you manage to achieve a level of brand awareness through social media channels and other marketing efforts.

Developing a fantastic product and making sure that everything works as it should be is clearly important, but it could be argued that the commercial success of that product hinges on being able to build momentum and get people talking about it on social media.

Social media and e-commerce are pretty much joined at the hip these days and without targeted marketing, it is likely that your product will struggle to sell, no matter how good it is.

A rare combination

It is not that difficult to find examples of highly successful entrepreneurs and companies that have managed to hone their marketing and sales skills to a razor-sharp setting, meaning that the actual quality of the product or service they are selling tends to become less relevant, because it sells anyway.

It is considered to be a rare achievement to manage to combine amazing marketing skills that are commensurate with a product that is equally brilliant.

It can happen, of course, but the reality is more likely that a ruthlessly successful marketing strategy manages to drive sales of a product that might not deserve such exposure.

If this lethal combination is actually achieved it tends to result in that company dominating their sector.

So, there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to create a killer product that blows the competition out of the water, but if you really want to see your sales figures trend in an upward trajectory the way to do that is to get your marketing right, first and foremost. 


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