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1Please provide a brief overview of your product/service.

Quadrapay works as a re-seller for various payment processing companies across the globe. The objective of establishing an organisation like this was primarily to bridge the gap between merchants and payment processing companies.

We realised that sometimes merchants find it extremely difficult to choose a payment processor. There may be multiple reasons behind this challenge. Sometimes it may be just a language barrier, and sometimes it may be high transaction fees.

We effectively communicate with the merchants and the processors and help both the parties reach a Win-Win agreement. We are actively trying to expand our product portfolio at this point.

We are offering a vast range of products and services that include Credit card swiping machine in India, International payment gateways in Europe, North America and other parts of the world, Charge-back alert services to name a few.

2How did you get the initial traction?

When we started the organization, we did focus a lot on developing the platform. Honestly, we were not very much bothered about generating revenue or generating initial traction. It took us 3 to 4 months to establish the platform, and we got our initial traction in a matter of 5 to 6 months.

The money for the initial traction did not come from any venture capitalist, but it came from our sales revenue. Our vision for the platform is very vast, and that is why we are still evolving and making the platform better for merchants and processing companies.

3What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

The most challenging part of our journey was to establish the relationship with various payment processing companies across the globe. We did spend an extended number of hours to get appointments with CXO’s of various Global payment processing organizations.

After explaining them about our plan of action and how we wish to excel as a reseller with a difference we were able to sign up with many PSPs. The payment processing industry is very volatile.

A processor which says yes to one business model may not be saying yes to the same sector next month, and that is why we are always under the pressure of finding new processing companies that are comfortable in on-boarding merchants from various industries.

As we also assist businesses in getting High Risk Merchant Account this search becomes hugely crucial. Not many processing companies offer the high risk solutions, but we still find few that are interested in onboarding high risk merchants.

4What are your plans for the next 3 years?

In the next three years, we plan to be the number one reseller in the payment processing industry. We are hoping to get monthly organic search traffic that is worth over 1 million USD in the next one year.

It is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible. In simple terms, we would wish to dominate the search engine for all the relevant keyword that will help us in showcasing our platform as the most robust merchant services reseller website.

5How did you manage to fund your startup?

I did the initial funding. We did not request anyone to add money to the organization. We believe that if the product is excellent and it adds value to the end user, then funding will come naturally.

Yes, we will look forward to joining hands with Venture Capitalists and Angel investors in future, but I would say that it would still take 2 to 3 years of time for us to procure something like that.

6What are the industry metrics and scope?

The scope for payment processing industry is enormous. Merchants in almost, every country require payment processing solutions. Since the industry is enormous the range for entrepreneurs like us is massive. To get the maximum the advantage of this vast industry we offer services to merchants in over 100 nations and over 300 different industries.

7What problems are you solving?

Our team does extensive research to solve multiple problems faced by merchants. We help them with better pricing. We assist them in locating the right payment processing company. We support the merchants with the integration of the motion account with the merchant website.

We also help businesses in reducing the chargeback to sales ratio. Our team assists US-based companies in finding better business funding solutions. We also support local businesses in the United States and India with reliable credit card swiping machines.

8How did you get the idea?

The idea came to us when we were searching for a payment gateway for our own web development business. We realized that it is difficult for web designers to get a merchant account.

It led us to intense research and eventually we recognized that we had uncovered a massive business model. From that time to this date we are assisting businesses in finding reliable credit card processors.

9Where is your office located and why you choose the location?

We are located in Gurgaon in the Delhi NCR region. We plan to open offices in the European Union and Asia Pacific countries to offer localized solutions to merchants in these geographies.

10How is your product/service different from others out there?

Many resellers charge upfront fees from merchants but our company does not put any additional financial burden on businesses. This makes us unique in the payments service reseller industry. Our constant research for reliable processes for various Industries also helps us in assisting high risk merchants in finding Credit Card processing solutions.

11What marketing techniques are you using?

Our team focusses in creating quality content for our website. Our website attracts a massive number of unique visitors every day and the volume of the visitor is consistently growing since the launch.

12How do you hire the best talent?

We believe in the concept of maximum earning potential, and that is why we only hire talented and productive individuals in our team. Since we do not involve ourselves in underwriting and risk mitigation, we require a small group but we make sure that the team is dominant enough to beat the competition.

13What growth hacking techniques are you using?

Our growth hacking technique is entirely organic and is based on regular blog postings on our website. We believe in offering free advice to prospects around the globe.

14Any other detail you want to share?

We will be happy to answer queries from your visitors about Credit Card processing and related services.


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