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The airline industry in India is witnessing tremendous ups and downs for the last few months. With rising oil prices and heavy competition among the major players in the space, the airfares are at the lowest. We can witness this as one of the largest airline careers Indigo posted its first-ever loss last quarter.

Indigo is trying all the tactics to save ruining its business finance but the steps are affecting its customer base. Recently, Indigo tweet about its new policies. It has begun charging for all of its web check seats. Earlier, the airlines have been charging customers to choose and book premium seats. But Indigo moved a step further and asked passengers to pay a minimum of INR 300 if they want to pre-select a seat during web check-in.

And the tweet immediately started a war between Indigo and Twitter users. Some prominent figures like Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm CEO also jumped in the conversation. He questioned that why should any airline charge for a web-check-in seat selection when it saves the workload of ground staff.

Ritesh Banglani, venture partner at Stellaris Venture Partners expressed his thoughts too. He said how the extra INR 300 fee would not necessarily make up for the long queues and higher staff costs.

Derek O’Brien, MP Rajya Sabha also jumped in and said that there was already a Parliamentary report slamming Indigo. Let us remind you that in January this year, a Parliamentary panel has slammed low-cost carrier IndiGoNSE 1.81 % for “discourteous and rude” behaviour of its employees towards passengers, saying it was an “institutional” problem, and urged the ‘market leader’ to adopt a consumer-friendly approach.

Indian airlines are trying hard to make money. Last quarter Jet Airways registered INR 1,297 crore loss while Spice Jet lost INR 380 crores, Indigo lost INR 652 crores. If we compare the airfares in India to the world, they are the lowest.

Jet Airways recently suspended lounge access for its JetPrivilege platinum and gold members who travel in Economy in order to cut costs. Now, Indigo is trying to earn some extra cash with this recent policy change.


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