PinCarts, a Mumbai-based startup will soon be launching its proximity-based discovery and targeting platform to create a compelling shopping experience for consumers at shopping malls and physical stores in India.

This unique one-of-a-kind mobile platform will be focused on providing the smart retailing experience for shoppers from both the worlds, online and offline, starting with virtual catalog discovery to engaging them with location-based personalized targeting in real-time and indoor navigation to post-purchase retargeting and analytics.

As part of these customer targeting campaigns, PinCarts’ focus will be on delivering personalized offers, deals, coupons and recommendations to shoppers at the exact location and moment, that calls for their attention and empower shoppers to discover new collections, best offers and deals on their personal favorite brands around them.

Platform’s universal loyalty program will also recognize and reward customers for every walk-in and purchase they make. Backed by a young team of seasoned IT professionals with global experience, the platform’s aim is to transform the offline retail into more seamless and engaging experience – intrinsically linked to driving footfall and sales.

PinCarts platform will be using advanced technologies like low energy Bluetooth Beacons and GPS / Wi-Fi enabled geo-fencing, big data machine learning and analytics to achieve this.

This will not only make it easy for brands and offline retailers to create and automate proximity-driven marketing campaigns but also empowers them to reach a larger audience on their mobile phones with or without the app.

“The idea of personalized Proximity Marketing is to transform offline retail stores and shopping centers into smart shopping centers rather than mere selling and buying points by targeting customers with the right content at the right place and at the right time. This unique platform will help retailers establish a personal rapport with users and create a compelling in-store experience for them. This will make shopping personal, rewarding and more enjoyable for customers and will help brands to influence customer buying decisions, drive store sales and build customer loyalty”, says Mr. Santosh Dighe, Co-founder, PinCarts.

Beacons are small, wireless devices that provide the ability to accurately locate the shoppers with micro-level location tracking and deliver contextualized push notifications in real-time based on department, aisle or welcome customer on digital signage.

PinCarts will strategically deploy and manage beacons for shopping malls and physical stores to eliminate the complexities of beacon infrastructure while accurately targeting individual shoppers through its beacon network across and inside the shopping centers to expand brands reach exponentially.

PinCarts will also help shoppers navigate through shopping malls and in-store aisles and after completing the purchase, we make sure they leave the store with a satisfying experience, thanks to a hassle-free contactless checkout.

PinCarts is a technology driven company with a vision to provide a seamless shopping experience to its valuable customers throughout their shopping journey using futuristic retail technologies like proximity marketing, personalization, advanced retail analytics, indoor navigation, contact-less checkout, and virtual and augmented reality. PinCarts’ business model for brand retailers and shopping malls is meant to benefit the shoppers and retailers both. This technology helps with comprehensive cloud-based pre-sales and post-sales analytics and facilitates key decision-making.


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