Team CrowdPouch with Founder and CEO, Vittal Ramakrishna

CrowdPouch, reward-based fundraising, and pre-selling platform have raised an angel round funding from Elina Investments Pvt. Ltd. The Bengaluru based technology startup will utilize the funds for product development, branding, and team expansion.

The funding from Elina Investments comes at a time when the company has already supported over 100 fundraising and pre-selling campaigns on its platform within a year of its inception.

“CrowdPouch is more than business for me. It has been my life’s goal to encourage artists, innovators, and visionaries across sectors to pursue their passion. India has an untapped market for fundraising and most are unaware of the merits of preselling. Through CrowdPouch, our vision is to create a niche fundraising ecosystem where all essential factors culminate seamlessly to build a nation of dreamers and achievers. Elina has stepped in at the right moment to help us scale our efforts,” said Vittal Ramakrishna, CEO, and Founder of CrowdPouch.

Going forward, CrowdPouch aims at hosting thousands of campaigns that encourage filmmakers, artists, innovators, and dreamers to come forward and work towards fulfilling their dreams.

Crowdpouch strongly believes in offering a comprehensive and wholesome experience to all, that the community deserves a platform akin to a thriving ecosystem, to enable an all-encompassing funding experience.

“Passionately driven to achieving this outcome, we enlist talents from all over the world who are equally committed, in an effort to revolutionize crowdfunding as a whole with a strong focus on the future”, the company’s website says.


“We at Elina firmly believe in the power of technology platforms and Crowdpouch is catalyzing the democratization of such opportunities in a vast country like India. It is an opportune time to focus on preselling, as the nation answers the clarion call of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and going Vocal for Local. CrowdPouch is a wonderful platform and Vittal with his team brings in the right blend of passion, maturity, and understanding to be able to leverage the massive opportunity that it presents – both in scale and quality,” said Divyendu Kumar, Director, Elina Investments.

Floated by Syed Safawi, corporate leader and technology investor, Elina Investments has invested in several successful startups at an early stage, including GoMechanic, PadUp, Tarnea Technology, Senpiper Technology, and Zefmo Media to name a few.


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