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Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary DST (Credits - Spandan Features)

Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, announced at the 106th Indian Science Congress that India will soon set up 20 physical cyber centres for research in technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The government of India will allocate a budget of ₹3,600 crores ($525 million) for setting up the research centres across various cities in India under a national mission. From the next financial year 2020, the cyber centres will start working on the various aspects of the above technologies and will be established parallel to the excellence of institutes like Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science.

“There will be a rise of the intelligent machines. There will be cyber-physical systems that will have the ability of perception, decision making, and action. There will also be greater linkages, for example, a network of driverless car will learn from the mistakes of one another. For a country, the future of science and technology lies in intelligent machines as well as intelligent infrastructure and many countries are investing hugely in AI and allied research, with China leading the so-called “AI Race”,” said Sharma.

Since the starting of 2010, the global leaders have entered into a race for enhancing artificial intelligence. China will invest around ₹49,000 crores ($7 billion) till 2030 including ₹14,000 crores ($2 billion) for a research park in Beijing. The French government will also invest ₹12,600 crores ($1.8 billion) in artificial intelligence research till 2022. The United Kingdom has pledged ₹210 crores ($30 million) to develop artificial intelligence-related technology incubators.

In 2018, Arifullah Hussaini, retired Vice Admiral of Pakistan commented that India should focus on artificial intelligence and stop wasting money on its defence budget. Artificial intelligence is the future of war and the future for determining a country’s power, he added in his comments.

Earlier in March 2018, the government of India’s investment agency ‘Invest India’ tied up with the UAE Ministry for Artificial Intelligence to sign a bilateral AI Bridge agreement to create economic benefits worth ₹1,40,000 crores ($20 billion) during the next 10 years. Also, GoI signed up an agreement with Russia to increase cooperation in artificial intelligence, healthcare and blockchain along with quantum computing to increase the application in fields of tourism, finance and digital front.


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