identify target audience

Video has become an imperative part of social marketing for startups and businesses.

It helps you entice more traffic from search engines and also lets you position your business as a leader.

It will also benefit you in getting new clients through informative content.

If you have enough initial traction, you can easily find and attract investors for your business.

Bhuvan Bam, the famous YouTube star also identified his target audience by luck and grew to fame.

When we create a video, we pay a lot of attention on the creative process such as script writing, actors, music, context and theme etc., but we ignore the most important part i.e. finding the target audience.

Why is it important?

When you talk about video marketing, your first step should be to figure out who your target audience is?

Let’s say you plan to organize a dinner for your three office friends and spend time and money in buying stuff for them.

Once everything is all set, one of your friends reveals he doesn’t eat onion, one said he is a vegetarian and only third one can enjoy that food.

It will disappoint you, right?

Marketers in the past have long relied on market research to determine whether to spend their time on print advertisements, radio, and television.

In this wild social era, research organizations are working hard to find out how people behave on social media sites to give you precise statistics on your target audience.

Social media Insights

identify target audience

Social media can benefit you a lot in finding your target audience and can give you a more translucent insight.

You can start by analysing various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Facebook – Facebook rules the social media world in terms of time spent and engagement of people. Facebook insights can give you an inkling of your target audience by enlightening about their location and demographics including language, cities, gender and age.

YouTube – You might not be aware of this but you can see basic insights of any video on YouTube, considering it has enough views. You can take insights from popular videos related to your same business to find out the age groups, genders and top locations.

You should also keep your eyes on other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr.

Social sites like Twitter and Google+ likely get momentous engagement through mobile devices, third-party apps and other forms of content.

Google Analytics

identify target audience

Google analytics can help you a lot in setting up your target audience goals.

You can find remarkable information on the audience, who are already buying products from your site or is included on your mailing list.

Landing page – You can see which content is getting more traffic and which is not. You can go to Content > Site Content > Landing Pages to check this.

Traffic – You can see which social site you are getting the most traffic. You can go to Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic to check this.

Device – You can also get an idea which device (mobile, laptop, tablet) is getting you more traffic. You can go to Audience > Technology > Devices to check this.

Location– This is the most important as this will help you design your content strategy. You can find your audience location from Audience > Overview > Location.


You can opt for surveys if you need pertinent and particular data of your target audience.

If you are specific about your objectives, then you can take help from tools like Google consumer surveys that will help you get a broader group.

Try to keep your questions short and indirectly related to your business.

The best part of these surveys is that they are to-the-point and not time taking like personal interviews.

You will get short, crisp and useful data on a larger scale.

Successful competitors

They are your competitors but they are successful, you can learn a lot from them just by centring on their data.

You can visit Ad Planner and after entering their domain in the search bar, you can get a significant figure on age, gender, education, gender and income.

If you want to know which content is working for them, then visit their blog page.

You can also visit their Facebook page to keep a check on their updates and how the audience is reacting to their posts.


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