35 km in five minutes. It’s for real!

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has become the first Hyperloop company to mark footprints in India. The company has signed a MoU with the Andhra Pradesh Government to build a connecting Hyperloop between Amravati and Vijayawada.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies started producing Hyperloop solutions after Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk introduced the Hyperloop concept through a white paper in 2013.


Last year, the rival company of HTT, Hyperloop One had conducted a joint event with the Government of India to introduce Hyperloop services in India. The high ranking ministers had expressed their curiosity to starting Hyperloop services in the country.

The step taken by Andhra Pradesh government is the first Memorandum of Understanding with HTT for starting Hyperloop services in India. Hyperloop is proposed to be introduced between the city centres of Vijayawada and Amaravati. It will supposedly cover the distance of over 42 km only in five minutes

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The HTT earlier signed some agreements with the world governments. The US-based company founded in 2013 had is slated to build the Hyperloop in Slovakia and also has a facility in Toulouse in France where it plans to produce its systems.

The distance between Amravati and Vijayawada is 42-kilometers. The construction will go through a two-phase plan involving conduct of a feasibility study and building of the infrastructure and Hyperloop itself. The first phase is likely to start from next month. After 6 months of extensive research, the company will start building the Hyperloop.

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The project is expected to create employment opportunities for 2,500 people directly in the state. The project will be taken up in the public-private- partnership mode with the funding coming primarily from private investors. But an official release on the MoU did not disclose the probable cost of the project.

Hyperloop is essentially possibility of high-speed travel in pods inside a partial-vacuum tube. Hyperloop envisages a ‘tube modular transport system’ that runs free of friction. It is still in trial stages in different countries.

Hyperloop-related activity has seen a sudden rise in a developing nation like India. Earlier, Hyperloop One had conducted a flashy event in which the GoI announced full support for the technology.

The company has been seen running campaigns across Facebook to increase awareness among public explaining how Hyperloop will impact their lives. A BITS Pilani team had managed to become one of the 25 finalists in SpaceX’s challenge. The challenge was to race their Hyperloop pods in Hawthorne, California.


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